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It’s been an amazing, exciting rollercoaster of a year here at English Wedding Blog towers, and I’ve been spending a little time looking back at some of my highlights – and yours! As I prepare to switch off my laptop and dive into the mulled wine I’m going to leave you with no fewer than 100 – one whole hundred – of my favourite real weddings from the last 12 months. They should give you plenty to read whenever you need an escape from the festivities over the next couple of weeks!

wedding table plan

Image credit Penny Young Photography

Click the links to see the full wedding features, and find your style from the categories below. There’s ‘proper’ vintage, old Hollywood glamour, English country garden, theatre and outdoor weddings, classic, homespun and luxury weddings – I hope, something for everyone. Almost all are English weddings, with just a couple from our lovely neighbours in Scotland and Wales.

100 real weddings to inspire and delight your eyes and imaginations. Enjoy!

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Hello lovely! Welcome to the English Wedding Blog this fine morning 🙂 I have exciting news and a favour to ask, if you can help me!

wedding in Kent

Louise and Jonathon’s beautiful wedding in Kent | Image credit www.RikPenningtonPhotography.com

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I want YOU to have all the wedding inspiration you could possibly need, at your fingertips. That’s why I’m creating a huge database of real weddings right here on the English Wedding Blog, and listing them all by UK county and region – so you can search online for real weddings in your area and quickly find:

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rustic Powys wedding Pixies in the Cellar (19)

Image credit www.PixiesintheCellar.co.uk

As we settle into January I’d like to welcome all newly engaged couples and new readers to the English Wedding Blog. It’s so very lovely to have you here! This morning I’m sharing my favourite weddings of 2013 which I hope will inspire some of you with your own wedding planning. All the brides and grooms featured here were absolute stars for sharing their wedding photos and stories on the blog (and I hope you’ll join them!). Click on the links to see the full wedding features and see all of their wedding styling and ideas in more detail. Enjoy!
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Vintage Cambridgeshire wedding blog Paul Rogers Photography (9)I had so much fun blogging Kirsten and Neal’s 1950s inspired Cambridgeshire wedding. It had everything… a VW Campervan, wildflowers, cupcakes and 7 tiers of cheese, awesome dance moves and the proudest dad… Photo credit London wedding photographer Paul Rogers.

Dance like a maniac! Kirsten and Neal’s fabulously vintage Cambridge wedding

Buckinghamshire wedding

Ceri and Paul’s rustic wedding in Buckinghamshire was a highlight of the wedding blog year! Image credit http://www.lolarosephotography.com/

Have you had a wonderful year? I do hope so – I know mine has been amazing and I can’t wait for new adventures in 2014. I wanted to take a look back at some of the wonderful couples who were kind enough to share their weddings on the English Wedding Blog over the last year. For new readers, these wedding blog highlights are a lovely way to discover English Wedding. There are weddings of every style here, from all over England and from every month of the year. Enjoy!
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Nottingham Council House wedding (1)
Liliya & Adenis were incredible: they arranged their entire wedding within 3 weeks! They wanted a typical Nottingham wedding & so they chose the iconic Nottingham Council House. Images by Gary from wedding photographers oneLove.

See their wedding: a romantic wedding in Nottingham

wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (28)Tamara and Joseph were married at Lympne Castle, and the lucky bride wore two dresses – both gorgeous, and both handmade! Images by lovely Kent wedding photographer Aaron Tommasi.


Morning my lovelies! I thought you’d like to share this little survey which popped into my inbox recently. It’s uplifting, cute and kind of heartwarming. The Great British Love Survey! Enjoy! Claire xxx

London wedding photo Martin Beddall

Photo credit Martin Beddall www.mcbweddings.com – click to see Kirsty-Anne and James’s wedding on English Wedding Blog

Britain is a nation of romantics with a new survey revealing that the vast majority of us still believe in love at first sight.

  • 72% believe in love at first sight
  • 8% have fallen in love at first sight
  • 96% have experienced lust at first sight
  • 41% could name a famous couple who fell in love at first sight – David and Victoria Beckham came top with 8%
  • London is the least romantic city in the country
  • The North West is the most romantic region

The poll by TheLoveBuggy.com revealed that almost three quarters of Britons (72%) still believe it is possible to fall in love with someone just by setting eyes on them.


Wow – I can’t quite believe it’s Friday already! And time to share some of the best wedding blogs of the week just gone. I’ve found you a destination wedding with bubbles, a glamorous Lancashire wedding blog, and a DIY wedding with a vintage flavour. There’s quirky Las Vegas stationery inspiration, alternative wedding dresses and a shock revelation about one of our favourite wedding readings… it’s an exciting week for wedding blogs!

Love Gets Sweeter Vicky Gareth wedding film Cheshire

The Look of Love… I found this gorgeous wedding film (and stills!) on Love Gets Sweeter

The best real wedding blogs…

  • Carol and Ross’s countryside wedding with pink lemonade and lace – and some details I’ll be using for inspiration for my wedding calligraphy stand in a couple of weeks!
  • Into the blue – a gorgeous destination wedding with fabulous accessories by Olivier Laudus on their latest wedding blog
  • An elegant, glamorous and very moving wedding at Lancashire’s Stanley House: just look at Joanne in her wedding dress… divine!

I keep reading the phrase “wedding vendors” on British wedding websites. It makes my eyes itch. It’s a word which isn’t commonly used in English over here; we’re used to talking about wedding suppliers and wedding businesses instead. And anyway: it sounds funny.

wedding vendors UK photo credit Lucy West Images

Photo credit: Lucy West Images. This was a fabulous wedding – click the picture to see David and Rachel’s amazing wedding celebrations on the blog!

I don’t consider myself a wedding vendor. It makes me think of vending machines on station platforms. Pop 50p in my ear and poke me, and a wedding place card will pop out of my mouth… no! I don’t “vend” my products – I write, design and sell them. Buying calligraphy isn’t as soulless as buying a Mars Bar or a can of Coke.

OK, so I’m not setting out to offend anybody here. I love wedding blogs as much as I love the English language. And therein lies my dilemma…


Stephanie Allin’s ‘Night and Day’ wedding dress collection launched over the weekend at her London boutique. First revealed on the catwalks in May, these fabulous dresses inspired by the romance of beautiful Marrakesh will be available from stockists all over the country.

Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (14)

I think the styling is divine: Stephanie says, “Marrakesh is an amazing place to gain stimulation, painted entirely in an enchanting salmon pink the city is fondly referred to as the “Rose City.

The new Stephanie Allin 2013 collection has been created with dashes of rose-hued toned fabrics as well as more traditional ivory silks…

Night and Day wedding dresses by Stephanie Allin

Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (12)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (1)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (2)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (3)

Stephanie Allin – beautiful dresses for every UK bride

And the beauty of these wedding dresses is they’ll look beautiful no matter what figure you have – traditional shapes and contemporary styling means this is a collection which will be loved by many UK brides in 2013.
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (4)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (5)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (6)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (7)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (8)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (9)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (10)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (11)
Stephanie Allin wedding blog UK (13)

 Stephanie Allin brides on UK wedding blogs

I thought I’d share some wedding blog features with real brides in Stephanie Allin dresses with you – these are beautiful too!


Morning everyone! Today I’ll tease your learning-buds with a list of nine things you probably didn’t know. This is a guest post by John Greed Jewellery, who’ve found the best wedding traditions from around the world. Will you be incorporating any in your day? Or do you think we have any better traditions here in the UK? I’d love to hear what you think!

The bride and groom spending the night apart before the big day is about as traditional as many British weddings get. However, there are plenty of countries with their own wedding day quirks- some of which are quite touching, while some are a little scary! We’ve investigated the best ones from around the globe. Why not take some wedding inspiration and inject a worldly twist into your big day? Or even better, get in to your soon to be mother-in-law’s good books, by embracing the family’s heritage?


I haven’t written a wedding business advice post for a little while – but over the last few weeks I’ve been helping friends with business advice here and there, and I thought I’d share with you today.

Every time I’m asked for advice about running a wedding business, I think, “I’ve been through that”, and it means I can help. I’m sure very many of us running our own businesses can identify with the same issues and dilemmas, so I’m going to try and use the blog to share my advice with everyone.

Wedding blogs – what’s that all about?

I was asked this question today, by a photographer I know via twitter. It’s funny: I live in a little bubble where blogs are the centre of everything I do, and it’s so easy to forget that the blogging phenomenon is still relatively new to the UK. Of course, this applies to brides and grooms as well as to wedding businesses. So it was a great question to be asked, and really got me thinking.