Hi everyone! I hope you’re not working too hard this lovely morning 😉 as I have a gorgeous 1950s Hollywood wedding to share which will stop you in your tracks. It’s funny when wedding photographers get in touch with a submission for me, as they usually email and very politely ask if I’d like to feature a real wedding on the blog. Little do they know that behind the scenes here I’m jumping in the air and shouting “Oh My God yes PLEASE!” – as was the case when I first saw Emma and Alex’s big day in my inbox. Thank you oh so much Darren Williams Photography!

1950s Hollywood wedding Lancaster by Darren Williams (1)

My reply to Darren’s email says it all: “Within a second of clicking on your link it was a yes from me! What an amazing wedding 🙂 That first image had me smiling so much… there’s so much more to love too: the venue, the little dance in the doorway of the Ashton Memorial! Just wonderful!