Some weddings instantly grab me as a wedding blogger, and today’s is one of them. Here’s a little secret: it’s not the details which make a ‘bloggable wedding’. Neither is it the bride and groom, or the dress, or the photography, or the venue. It’s everything: all of these matter when I’m looking for a wedding to blog, and the magical ingredient is the atmosphere they create when combined together… it’s like the alchemy of love in weddings!

Clissold House wedding AdamsPhotArt London (18)Images are by Adam Szczepanski, London wedding photographer AdamsPhotoArt

So when styling and planning your wedding, focus on creating a day you’ll love from beginning to end. Follow today’s gorgeous couple’s example: Miranda and Ronan had a small wedding at Clissold House and their family helped with some of the finer details of the day. Miranda’s dress is exquisite – one of the loveliest I’ve seen! – but their smiles and the atmosphere which shines through the images of their day are what make this wedding so special.

Clissold House wedding AdamsPhotArt London (20)