I fell in love with these images of a wonderfully playful, quirky wedding look as soon as I saw them. I love the brave bridal style: a cute corset and the most amazing vintage-inspired petticoats look like so much fun, don’t they?! They’re made by Doris Designs in Surrey and I can’t think of anything I’d love to wear more! (I just can’t decide if I’d wear mine with bridal shoes or my rollerblades hehe)

vintage petticoats by Doris Designs  (18)

I’m all for alternative bridal looks. Designer dresses are wonderful, but they can be expensive. Some of my favourite wedding blogs have had brides in colourful dresses, vintage styles, homemade dresses and more – so why not a quirky, adorably photogenic vintage petticoat? Imagine the fun you’d have dancing the night away!

vintage petticoats by Doris Designs  (19)

Of course you could always wear a dress or skirt with your petticoat, and pop a top on over your corset… you’d still have that wonderfully playful vintage look. But for today let’s see the wonderful Doris Designs petticoat in action… there are links at the end of the feature so you can find out more, then it’s up to you to choose how you wear your petticoat on the big day!
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