A bit of a funny blog post perhaps, and self indulgent too. The Royal Wedding passed me by last week (I like weddings; I’m not a fan of royalty) and I feel at times I’m watching from the sidelines as the biggest UK wedding bloggers are teaming up with wedding magazines for various projects. (I’m not a fan of the wedding press either, and haven’t made any secret of that on this blog.)

Does this mean English Wedding is missing the mark? Not right for a particular audience? Or is there a different audience for this blog instead? Should I try harder to be like the other blogs, or stick to my guns?

Surely there are brides and grooms who feel the same: the royal wedding can’t have resonated with everyone, or can it? Do we all really watch these things with a tear in our eye or were any of you avoiding the telly that day? I admitted on twitter that I’d gone shopping halfway through the whole event. Not sure that went down too well!