I’m going to show you an email, and then I’m going to say just what I think about a) plastic surgery and b) the idiots who think brides are their ideal customers for procedures.

This could get messy…

Here’s the email I found in my inbox this morning:
I can’t fault Bella’s polite approach, but it’s certainly a one-email-fits-all thing, so I don’t feel bad about my response. She’s only asking for a guest post about skincare… all perfectly harmless (I’ve nothing against moisturiser!)  – but the string attached would be a nice backlink to a blog about cosmetic surgery. Kerching?

My reply to the email (sadly it’s one of many)

I have strong feelings about anyone in the business of making money from people’s vulnerabilities… this is me explaining that quite nicely:

It’s a topic I find it difficult to be too nice about – that’s as polite as I wanted to be.

My opinions on surgery:

  1. I have no problem with surgery after an accident. Severe burns and scarring can be traumatic – if an operation or two will help, it’s a good thing.

For a perfect, faultless and impeccable wedding day, you’d do well to copy That Royal Wedding – every bride and groom hope their day will go smoothly. From the Aston Martin DB 5 to Kate Middleton’s dress, everything seemed to have been taken care of and went without a hitch.

For those of us without access to footmen or ladies in waiting, getting the details right is all down to the bride and groom. Forewarned is forearmed, they say – so we’ve looked at the Top 5 Wedding Hitches and what you can do to minimise the impact to your Big Day.

Top 5 Wedding Hitches

According to the Guardian newspaper, the top five things that can go wrong at a wedding are:


A very interesting letter landed on my doorstep this week*, and sparked an interesting – and helpful – little project on English Wedding.

In a blindingly spooky coincidence, following on from this week’s post about wedding industry response to the royal wedding, a bride** wrote in about just that very thing.

Cat Muddleton (hmmmm – sounds familiar) said she’d just got engaged and was thinking of a royal wedding theme for her own wedding day. It’s only natural – we’ll all be up to our necks in royal wedding news for the next few months and some of it’s bound to rub off.

Cat said she was on a budget and wanted her wedding to be special and personal to her. Could English Wedding offer any advice?

Funnily enough, yes I think we can! Watch this space to find out more…


*I dropped it there. Cos I wrote it. But play along…

**That was also me. Setting the scene here.