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Wedding Insurance: What Could Possibly Go Wrong On My Big Day?

Guest blog post written by Adam Leyton


So your big day is nearly here. The table plan is done, the place cards are written, and the wedding favours are just about made. Even the weather forecast is looking good! You’ve spent the last 18 months working on every last detail to ensure the perfect wedding day and it’s all coming together wonderfully. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, plenty. Despite the greatest attention to detail and careful choosing of only the most reliable suppliers, sadly things do go wrong at the last minute and there’s usually very little that can be done about it.


What wedding insurance is for


Fortunately though, most things can be sorted pretty easily. However, when things do go wrong not only do you have to deal with the impact that might have on your big day, it could also end up being fairly costly. That’s where a good wedding insurance policy can help out. Whilst it’s not going to stop anything from going wrong, at least if the worst happens you’ll know you’re not going to have a big bill to pick up too.

For example, if your Grandma (or indeed any other close relative) falls ill just before the big day and you choose to postpone the wedding, a good policy will reimburse any expenses that you incur as a result of having to rearrange everything.

Or, if your venue goes bankrupt before the wedding, your insurance policy should help you to recover any lost deposits so that you can quickly go ahead and book an alternative. It’s worth remembering to try and pay any deposits by credit card as anything over £100 may also be covered under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Wedding insurance will also cover the smaller things too. Take for example the Best Man who’s perhaps had a few too many whiskeys at the bar and becomes a little ‘enthusiastic’ on the dance floor. He ends up ripping his hired trousers which the hire company will charge for on their return. Your wedding insurance policy should cover this cost.


What wedding insurance costs


wedding insurance compareThe good news is that premiums have been dropping considerably over the last year and the cost of a wedding insurance policy is often little more than that of feeding just one additional guest. In fact, £5,000 of cover in respect of complete cancellation is available for under £20! Perhaps it’s worth it just for the peace of mind?

Websites such as list many of the leading UK providers and let you easily compare the policies that are available.

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