Luxury wedding stationery

I was really pleased to see this informative and helpful article about quality wedding stationery on the Ivy Ellen blog. The internet is full of information about wedding invitations on a budget, and making your own – but for those of you who are looking for high quality wedding invitations, there’s very little advice to be found.

As a calligrapher, brides often send me their wedding invitations to be written in calligraphy. I get to see all kinds of invites, from expensive wedding invitations to handmade cards, and there’s a big difference in style and quality. Cheaper wedding invitations are fine, but luxury wedding invitations are something really special. If you can afford them, go for the best! Jeremy from Ivy Ellen explains why far more eloquently than I can…

Why buy good quality wedding stationery?

Luxury wedding invitations

It’s not often that brides look at wedding dresses and think “I could do that”. Usually you look at a dress, think “wow that‘s gorgeous”, try it on and imagine yourself in it on your big day. Then it’s just a question of how are going to pay for it. Cash or credit.

It’s rare to look at a wedding dress and just see fabric, and a project that, in your mind, you could totally do on your own. This is the dress for you, you’re going to buy it and you’re going to feel a million dollars in it on your big day.

Many brides and grooms see wedding stationery differently. They just see paper and text, and cannot see what’s in it for them when they spend their hard earned budget on good quality stationery. So what’s in it for you?

Gorgeous Wedding Invitations

Quality wedding invitations

Well, firstly you get expert advice. Do you know about typesetting, colour balance, composition, wording, paper stocks, envelope styles or FSC accreditation? Even if you know some of these things you may not really understand how to put all these things together.

As Brian De Palma, the film director, once said, “anyone can record something on a video camera, but directing is the art of invoking emotion and feeling in your audiences”.

It’s the same with wedding stationery. Top wedding designers bring all their design experience into creating wedding stationery that feels great, to look at and to touch. Choose a company that lives and breathes paper and design and watch the emotional response it creates in you and your guests to enhance your special day.

Customer service and wedding invitations

Secondly, those that do choose the DIY route always underestimate the time and effort it takes into designing, producing and distributing their own wedding stationery. We know because we just set up a new company (Ivy Ellen) to do this. It took us six months to get it all sorted and we are experts in greetings cards with 10 years experience designing, producing and selling cards to the finest shops in the world.

Working with a wedding stationery expert means that all this work is done for you. All you have to do is choose a company and a design that feels right for you and match it to your colour scheme.

If you choose to make your own stationery, whatever you do, avoid copying a wedding designer’s work to cut corners. This is bad Karma and disrupts the positive flow of creative energy around the world. Not something for your special day to be a part of.

Support creative small businesses

Finally, working with a quality wedding stationery company means that you are contributing to the creative spirit in humankind.

Just like buying a work of art from an artist brings warmth and joy to your soul and connects you to that artist, so it is with buying beautiful wedding stationery from a good company.

In fact often you are supporting a network of creative people connected to bringing the stationery into life. We work with designers, illustrators and even musicians who supplement their incomes by working with us, to keep doing what they love.

What better sentiment to add to your wedding than to spread the love of your day out to people who are pursuing their dreams and creating beautiful things to exist in the world.

Love your gorgeous wedding stationery

Gorgeous wedding stationery adds to the rich visual fabric of your day and brightens up your guests’ tables, it sends a cue to your guests as to what to expect and shows them what that you care about them, you care about beauty in the world and you want to share the joy and harmony of your most special of days with them.

Most importantly though it is an emotional expression of your own self, like the song you choose to dance your first dance to or the dress you choose to wear. It can have a profound life affirming meaning beyond just paper and text.

big line

Thank you to the team at Ivy Ellen for suggesting this article for inclusion on the English Wedding site. I hope you’ve found it useful.

Ivy Ellen design and make beautiful, colourful and original wedding stationery, and are one of my favourite English wedding stationery companies. View their gorgeous wedding invitations on their website, be inspired by their wedding invitation blog, and be a fan of Ivy Ellen on Facebook so you’ll never miss a thing!

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