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Your Personal Wedding Podcast!
Transforms how you preserve your memories of special day for generations to come!

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“We loved the whole experience from start to finish. From getting to know Evey and working with Hope to set it all up. It’s not often you get to sit down with your loved ones and share special memories or really talk about where your story began. And now we have a lovely moment to keep in the podcast episode! Would definitely recommend to anyone!”(Emily Brewster, Manchester, UK)

Story Locker is the first UK to market, personal podcast service and platform that transforms the way people can preserve their memories and special life events and share them for generations to come.

For the first time, couples will be able to capture all the memories of their love story and special day in their very own podcast.

A personal wedding podcast is the unique and memorable addition to your wedding and the most extraordinary way to capture those magical moments of love.

You can choose to record your podcast before your wedding day and tell the tale of your journey as a couple. Ideal for reminiscing about how you first met, reliving your wonderful engagement, you can talk about the excitement of setting the date, the build-up and the joy of planning your wedding. Or, record the podcast after your wedding so you can include memories of the big day too!

Through a straightforward booking system, the service allows customers to choose from a range of occasions and packages. A 45-90 minute interview is scheduled between the couple and one of Story Locker’s professional interviewers.

Edited with sound effects and curated music, the studio quality wedding podcast is expertly produced and hosted on a secure webpage – the ‘Locker’, which can then become the family legacy portal that can host multiple podcasts. With the astounding rise of audio storytelling–especially podcasts–it’s become clear that a personal podcast is the perfect way to record Life Stories and Life’s meaningful moments and keep them safe. Having a family Story Locker to store precious podcasts together with photographs would create something very special which would be part of families for generations to come.

It’s a new and unique way to create a digital legacy in your own voice, allowing you to listen back and share with friends and family forever and even when you have little ones! We have an amazing group of interviewers who will bring your wedding experience to life. We would love to help you record your love story that can be shared forever.

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Emily & Bradley’s wedding day:
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