OK – I admit defeat. If we can’t have any actual sunshine (as I type it’s nowhere near as gorgeous outside as it should be in mid-June!) then let’s make our own. Out of lemons.

quirky lemon wedding ideas Kelly Weech Photography (1)
I may have lost the plot just a little there, and it reminds me of summer evenings as a teenager trying to ‘organically’ make my hair blonder by putting lemon juice on it. Every day. But indulge me for a few moments and you’ll see! Today’s feature of quirky lemon wedding ideas is bright and pretty – and what better way to rebel against our unreliable English weather than to use lemons as summery wedding decor? They really do look fab!

quirky lemon wedding ideas Kelly Weech Photography (2)

Wedding photographer Kelly Weech decided to run a ‘rock the dress’ competition for a bride to wear her dress again. Today’s beautiful model Natalie was the winner of the competition as she suffered with a migraine on her wedding day and honeymoon, has lost weight since getting married and wanted more from her photographs.

quirky lemon wedding ideas Kelly Weech Photography (3)


There’s a little clue in the title of today’s wedding blog for you. This is a very bright wedding, an absolutely fantastic theme and a blog post to make you grin from ear to ear in delight.

wedding blog yellow ideas photography Paul Underhill (1)

Emily and Alan are a great couple – full of fun and creativity. And while Emily is stunning in her Jasmine Couture wedding dress, Alan steals the show in a bright. yellow. suit. (There’s a photo to watch out for with a handwritten note from Emily: “I love you even though you look like a bowl of custard”! which is wonderful! Seriously though – he looks great, and everything about today’s wedding blog is brilliant. Literally!

The photos are by Dorset wedding photographer Paul Underhill, who contacted me a few weeks ago and told me that Alan had changed into the canary yellow suit partway through the wedding to surprise all the guests. What a fab idea! The yellow and blue theme continues throughout the day and I love all the details and styling of the marquee as well. The photos look amazing!