Morning everyone! I quite fancied talking about toilets at weddings today. Hope that’s ok!? More specifically, where are your wedding guests going to wee, and is it going to be a special experience? Now I’ve got your attention 🙂 All wedding venues have loos, and you’d naturally expect a stately home to have a lovely bathroom. But what about luxury wedding toilets if you’re having a tipi wedding reception? Either way, adding special surprises and treats for guests on a loo break can be a very memorable and welcome touch!

Bathroom accessories – adding luxury to your special day

article by Mobile Thrones

Everyone wants their outdoor wedding to be memorable and fun for their guests. There are a few simple, yet luxurious, additions that you can easily do to make that happen. Every outdoor wedding needs bathroom facilities for the guests and adding a personal touch to them is an easy way to achieve luxury. One of the best assets you can provide for your guests are pre-made bathroom baskets. Bathroom baskets are an ideal way to make sure your guests – male and female – feel looked after on your big day.