Is it too early to wish you all a happy Easter?! I’m feeling excited for the long weekend and desperately hoping for some sunshine and long evenings so I can walk on my beach. What are your plans? Before I clock off this evening, I have a very special offer for wedding suppliers.

Save £20 – join the Directory for only £30 this weekend!

The usual price to join is £50 for a full year. Over the Easter weekend I’m inviting suppliers to apply to join the Directory for just £30 – so what are you waiting for? 🙂

The English Wedding Directory launched last month, and I’m thrilled to have added some wonderful photographers, videographers, designers and wedding bands to our pages over the last few weeks.

The Directory is super easy to navigate and use – do have a peek to see how it works at https://english-wedding.com/the-directory/


So if you haven’t spotted this in the navigation menu at the top of the blog – I have a new thing. It’s so exciting for everyone here, and destined to be a wonderful, super-quick visual treat for all of you: a brand new wedding supplier directory for the English Wedding Blog.

So many amazing suppliers have featured on these precious pages of ours, and I wanted to build a place where you could find them – easily, quickly, and enjoyably. Every month I’ll introduce new Directory members on the front page of the blog, so you’ll know what’s new and discover new faces along with me!

Latest recruits to join this month include some wonderfully talented photographers whose style I love. Discover Teresa C Photography, based in the north west, and Ellie Lou Photography from Somerset – fabulous photographers and lovely, lovely people too!

While the English Wedding Blog Directory grows, I’d love to invite you to discover those suppliers who are already there: my friends, sponsors and supporters, a handful of my closest allies in the world of weddings. These early birds are some of our very favourite people….


Happy Tuesday everyone! The last few days have been a whirlwind – our modern calligraphy workshop on Friday was brilliant, and I’ve been tidying up and reconnecting with the blog over the last couple of days. Meeting our lovely students on Friday made me think about all of the wonderful people I’ve met over the last few years, especially those who’ve played a part in making the English Wedding Blog a success. I wanted to take a little time today for some matchmaking, and to say thank you at the same time.

Real wedding at Hazlewood Castle in Yorkshire with Ian Wallace Photography (49)

Photographer: Ian Wallace, Yorkshire

Without these amazing people, the English Wedding Blog just wouldn’t be around. They’re my friends; sponsors and supporters of the blog – and each one has been handpicked to play an active part on the blog because I’m a big fan of what they do. I love independent businesses; I’m a fan of wedding suppliers who are truly passionate and dedicated in their work. I will be thrilled if you take a little time this morning to discover some of this lovely lot – maybe even get in touch, see if they’re available on your day? You won’t regret it!Claire


I don’t say thank you often enough. I would love to be someone who lights up people’s days by sending surprise thank you cards… but time runs away with me and I rush from one project to another. Even as I write this, I’m making a note in my calendar to ‘say thank you’ to someone once a month! After all, the English Wedding Blog wouldn’t exist without so many wonderful suppliers sharing their images, tips and advice here – I have a LOT of people to thank!


I’ve had some amazing thank yous this summer. There’s nothing better than a surprise card or letter from a bride and groom, after the wedding – believe me: you’ve no idea how thrilled your favourite suppliers will be to hear from you out of the blue!

7 different ways to thank your wedding suppliers

  1. Write a thank you card. It doesn’t have to take long: spend 15 minutes writing a heartfelt thank you to a supplier whose personal touch made a real difference to your day. They’ll love you for it!

Happy Thursday afternoon everyone! Just a quick note from me as I’m doing officey stuff today… there are a few sponsor spaces available from the first of June and I’m looking for new wedding blog sponsors – if you have a wedding business and would like to join my lovely group of sponsors please get in touch! info@English-Wedding.com

I’ve had the loveliest email from one of my wedding photographer sponsors this week: “Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the intro page, I’ve had SO many hits from EWB already and three enquiries that I know for certain are from your lovely blog.” I won’t name names but I owe that lovely person a BIG hug!

Sponsors of the English Wedding Blog

surrey wedding photography

Image credit: Sophie Duckworth wedding photography in Surrey

My whole purpose for being here is to connect brides and grooms with great suppliers; to fix you up with brilliant people and lovely things for your wedding day, and when I get an email like this it means I’ve done it.


Regular readers of the English Wedding Blog will know I wouldn’t be here without the support of all my fabulous sponsors – the creative, exciting and top notch wedding suppliers who advertise on the right hand side of every page published on the site. Each of my blog sponsors is a friend and a favourite wedding supplier for me, and I know you’ll love them as well. They deserve a huge thank you – and for new readers, an introduction. If you haven’t booked all of your wedding suppliers yet, then scour the list and find out more about each of these lovely people today!

Clevedon Hall Bristol wedding

Wedding photography in Bristol by Joseph Hall (click to see Kristy and Jamie’s Clevedon Hall wedding on the blog)

Wedding photographers all around the UK


Fakery, dodgy copies and stealing designs is a big issue within the wedding industry. You might have stumbled across a cheap and nasty veil on ebay (I did once!) or seen online retail sites with too-good-to-be-true prices for accessories and jewellery. While this can have a devastating effect on small craft business owners, it can also have a real impact on your wedding day – so here’s my guide to fakery and copyright in the wedding industry, with examples from my friends on facebook and tips to help you avoid getting scammed by the fakers.

I’d love to hear your stories on this feature as well, so please use the comments form at the end of the blog post to share. The only thing I ask is that you don’t ‘name and shame’ any suppliers here for legal reasons. Thank you!

How fakery in the wedding industry could affect your big day

From buying something that falls apart, to getting a call from a designer who’s seen your wedding photos online and claims you’ve stolen ideas… what copyright means for you:


It struck me as I was writing a wedding blog post the other day that perhaps my tastes aren’t the same as the average bride and groom. Perhaps I’m a little bit too old… Maybe I should stop looking at wedding blogs and read about more real weddings. Because wedding experts, the wedding industry and it’s commentators are – well – getting on a bit.

wedding experts

Photograph from Gemma and John’s brilliant pink village hall wedding by the lovely, lovely James Heffernan at funkypixel – click the image to read the feature

I’d guess the average age of the top ten UK wedding bloggers is at least 30. UK wedding magazine editors… I reckon a bit older. Wedding suppliers – a massive range, from early twenties through to retirement age in all fields. Which makes all of us wedding experts an old bunch!

Wedding experts are older than brides and grooms

The average age of UK brides and grooms? We marry at 30 these days, so at least the wedding bloggers (I’ll get my coat) are the right age… just about! (Unless you consider wedding planning will be done aged 28 & 29!)


May I ask you a question, lovely blog readers? I know there are quite a few wedding suppliers reading English Wedding Blog – so hopefully you can help me with something today.

athelhampton house wedding blog Linus Moran

Athelhampton House wedding photography by Linus Moran – click to see the full blog post (it’s gorgeous!)

How are you finding the wedding season this year? I know of a few small wedding businesses who are struggling a little more than usual – the summer seems unusually quiet.  My calligraphy enquiries are on the slow side compared to last year, and I have friends who simply haven’t seen orders pick up over the summer months as they usually do.

So – a question for any wedding suppliers out there – how is this summer for you? And if you’re noticing it’s quieter, why do you think this is? Olympics fever? Are there fewer weddings this summer or are couples spending less and working to tighter wedding budgets?

I’d be very interested to hear what you think 🙂


Here’s an interesting question and one which I can’t answer on my own – so I need your help, lovely couples and wedding suppliers alike. There are two perceptions of wedding supplier discounts, and I’m no longer sure which side of the fence I’m on here!

wedding discounts discussion

Original photo credit: Tony Gameiro. Click to see the full wedding feature

So – as a bride or groom-to-be, or as a wedding supplier: what do you think of discounts?

Are discounts great, a way to save on quality wedding goodies?

There’s no getting away from how hideously expensive weddings can be. For couples choosing to have all the bells and whistles to help celebrate their marriage, budgets can easily grow and get out of control. All too often a wedding budget which starts at £8,000 can leap to £12,000 by the time your big day comes around.

If you’re on a tight wedding budget, and a top supplier who is just out of your price range offers a great discount, then you’re in luck. Discounts like this are a way to get wedding accessories and treats you couldn’t otherwise afford.


Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing long weekend – those of you who partied till you were red, white and blue in the face, what did you get up to? Those of you who had to work over the weekend have my sympathy (I was writing wedding calligraphy orders too!)

new wedding businesses on english wedding blogNow, do you remember just over a week ago I decided to try something new, and asked new wedding businesses to comment on the blog and tell us all about themselves? I had a fantastic response – probably because I offered three winners a month’s free sidebar advert on English Wedding Blog. Those three winners are here: meet my new favourite wedding suppliers for June!

wedding business website (2)

Michelle Fiedler's wedding invitation website is absolutely perfect - her attention to detail is second to none. Inspiring!

wedding business website (3)

Helen's Bright By Design origami flowers are gorgeous - definitely a winner for me!

wedding business website (1)

Modo Creative have designed a wedding countdown calendar print - I love the idea!


Wedding suppliers – new and old (I know most of the ‘oldies’ so I hope you won’t be offended… hee!) I need your help! And I’m offering free advertising on English Wedding Blog.

Free advertising on English Wedding Blog

wedding blog photo by Natasha Thompson

Good morning folks and folkesses out there in wedding land, I hope you’re all well and sparkly and have your suncream on for later. What a fantastic week we’re having! I’ve been feeling inspired, not only by the sunshine but also by some of the wonderful people I have around me. One of whom (thanks Adam) mentioned something in an email about blogs, and advertising, which got me thinking about how blogs are growing and in some cases becoming very much like print wedding magazines.

I don’t think it’s cool to have too many advertisers or sponsors on a blog. I also don’t think it’s cool to run a blog as a business without real enthusiasm and passion behind it. What we do shouldn’t be all about money. Blogs’ initial appeal came from their independence, and from being able to promote and support independent wedding businesses and not just those who could afford advertising space. While most wedding blogs now earn money, there must be ways to continue that support for indie businesses, right?