Hello! Thank you for popping by this morning… I have something rather rare and special to share with you today. Nathan from Artemis Stationery designs the kind of wedding invitations which will make you gasp: they’re exquisitely detailed, beautifully intricate and contemporary.

unique wedding invitations Artemis (1)

Artemis Stationery – Photo credit G Lily http://glily.co.uk/

Unique wedding invitations by Artemis Stationery

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unique wedding invitations Artemis (3)
unique wedding invitations Artemis (4)
unique wedding invitations Artemis (5)
unique wedding invitations Artemis (6)
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Nathan and I share a story too… one of my earliest calligraphy-related memories is of writing my homework in my best friend Sarah’s handwriting at school. I got in trouble. On the Artemis Stationery website Nathan mentions getting in trouble “for drawing everyone else’s rabbits after we had to write a short story about rabbits” at school. A man after my own heart! This is how all the best wedding suppliers start out, don’t you know!

So I’ve chosen a few of my favourite designs from Artemis Stationery to show you today. Do click through to the official website where there are many more, as well as insights into the design process and how to order.


A lovely parcel arrived in the post this morning – when I shook it, I could hear a tiny bell ringing inside! It was addressed to English Wedding Blog. Now that’s not just me: it’s me and my readers. It’s all of us. Especially you (after all, there are thousands of you and just one little me!)…

Betsy Button stationery (25)And it’s exciting getting presents in the post – so I thought you’d like to join me in opening this little treat from the very wonderful Betsy Button! There was a present in there… and it could be yours 🙂 Keep reading!

A lovely little parcel from Betsy Button… open with me!

Betsy Button stationery (24)
Betsy Button stationery (23)
Betsy Button stationery (22)
Betsy Button stationery (21) The cute little Save the Date card was first out of the box – gorgeous, quirky and different. I love the button theme!
Betsy Button stationery (20)
Betsy Button stationery (19)
Betsy Button stationery (18) Betsy’s Thank You card has lovely lace and pearl embellishments, cute print (love that font) and a little motto on the back.
Betsy Button stationery (17)
Betsy Button stationery (16) How lovely! My “very, very busy day” today is all about vets appointments, posting calligraphy poems (to Eton College!) and blogging some weddings. It was all put on hold for ten minutes to open our present…
Betsy Button stationery (15) I couldn’t say no. I wanted you to see Betsy’s stationery just as I did. Here are those links for you too:



I’ve very rarely used English Wedding Blog to show off my own work, but today I hope you’ll forgive me for sharing my wedding calligraphy here! Summer’s finally arrived and it really feels like wedding season now – I’m sure there are lots of very excited brides, grooms and wedding suppliers out there!

Calligraphy for your Wedding

It’s time to think about the special touches you’ll have at your wedding reception, and time to think about ordering any wedding reception stationery and indeed calligraphy – if you’re someone who loves paper and stationery and sees the beauty in handwritten wedding calligraphy. Would you believe even wedding calligraphers get booked up over the summer?! It was a lovely surprise to me too, at first!


I have a few slots left for wedding calligraphy bookings over the summer months, from June through to September. But early booking is always wise – whether you’re only looking for wedding place card calligraphy or you’d like handwritten wedding menus, signs or an alternative wedding table plan – perhaps I’m your girl!

designer wedding invitation

I have really strong feelings about today’s wedding blog post so I’m going to jump straight in and share them with you: wedding invitation designers have the right to add their signature or branding to their designs. It’s a mark of quality, proof an artist takes pride in their design work. Today I’m urging wedding stationers to add their name to their designs; I want to persuade couples who are buying handmade to choose designer invitations with the maker’s name on.

designer wedding invitation

UK designer wedding invitation - Photo credit: Bunny Delicious

I’m expecting different reactions: a fair number of “ooh, this could be interesting”s – and probably a couple of sharp intakes of breath! Let me explain why this is so important to me.

The designer’s mark on a wedding invitation is:

  • an artist or craftsman’s right and tradition
  • a requisite for a small designer business
  • a sign of quality; of pride in one’s designs

Let’s start with a little background – it’s about maker’s marks and designer labels.

wedding invitations with ribbon knot

wedding invitation idea eco friendlyI wonder how many of you brides and grooms out there started the month a day or two ago with a resounding rallying cry of, “Right!” If you’re marrying in 2012, it’s time to get stuck into your planning, and especially time to think about wedding invitations. And if my inbox is anything to go by, plenty of you are investigating your options for stationery already! So I welcomed this guest blog post from Confetti with open arms. I hope you find it useful!

This article is supplied by Confetti.co.uk. To see their range of wedding stationery, visit www.confetti.co.uk/wedding-stationery/

wedding invitations with ribbon knot

Ok, you’ve set the date, what’s next? Well, this is where it starts to get really exciting. This is your chance to tell the world, (or your friends and family at least) by inviting them to the big day! Your wedding stationery is the first glimpse your guests will get of your wedding day style, so it’s important to make a good first impression.

When to send?


unique wedding stationery by Bunny Delicious (4)

I have pet names for only a very select few wedding stationers. Zoe from Bunny Delicious just happens to be top of my list, and in more ways than one. I can’t remember quite where ‘Miss Delicious’ came from, but I like the sauciness of it… and it makes me smile whenever I see a Bunny Delicious design! I’ve known Zoe via the miracles of our modern interweb for years – and I’ve watched her creativity with growing delight.

unique wedding stationery by Bunny Delicious (2)

Bunny Delicious is one of the UK’s top wedding stationery companies, appearing regularly in top wedding magazines and leading the way with a distinctive and unique artistic style. Wedding invitations from Bunny Delicious are instantly recognisable, Zoe’s guest books and photo albums are inspired and exciting, and Zoe herself is just brilliant.

unique wedding stationery by Bunny Delicious (1)

An outspoken, creative and genuine lady, Zoe Rusga is one wedding stationery designer you have to find out more about. I’m very pleased to have Bunny Delicious as my newest sponsor on the English Wedding Blog. Find out more and see some of my favourite contemporary wedding invites and accessories on the new Bunny Delicious Showcase Page.