I’ve stolen the idea for this blog post from lamarieeencolere.com. Nathalie had a look at the oddest queries Google was sending to her French wedding blog, with some funny results. I thought I’d do the same…

This is what some of you have been searching for, and landed on English Wedding Blog

  • wrapped in bedsheets romantic – I don’t imagine this searcher was looking for my blog. I suppose it can be, but it’s not something I’ve seen on a wedding submission recently – have you?
  • worst wedding photography images – Thanks. Charming. But you won’t find them here! I’ll be having words with Google.
  • will the ocean wreck my wedding dress? – Not unless you go in it. If you go in it wearing your wedding dress then yes, it will. Credit where credit’s due though: at least you checked first.
  • who uses wedding magazines? – I know! Soooooo old fashioned. Blogs are where it’s at, right?
  • when and where are welsh weddings celebrated? – Let. me. think. Wales?