We got into music for the love of the art itself and once we could play a bit, we loved it for the performing too. We love to play live because we love music and we love to watch other people like you love it with us. Music is powerful and we want to make sure you enjoy us or any wedding band you book to the fullest. That’s why in our series of free guides designed to help and inform you, we picked “what to look for in a wedding band” as the first one.

Even though this article speaks from years of experience, some of our advice may put you off booking with us but we don’t mind, we are happier knowing you have the information and knowledge to make the right decision for you when it comes to booking a live band for your wedding.

We hold our hands up, we do use the way we advertise and run live acts as examples in some of the topics below so you could class that as a bit of shameless plugging. Sorry!


I’d like to ask a quick question about your wedding music: what springs to mind first? Your first dance, “your song” maybe? Or the ceremony music? Do you find it easier to plan the soundtrack to your evening, and struggle with ideas for personalising your ceremony music? I know I would. I don’t know the first thing about classical music, and if I had a wedding to plan I really wouldn’t know where to start with that part of the day. If you’re struggling with the same issues of classical music then you, my lovely friend, are about to be enlightened and entertained by a brilliant article written by Sam Houston (of Wedding Music Consulation) for the English Wedding Blog. Read, learn, smile, enjoy! Claire x

classical music photo Chris Hanley Photography

Photo credit Chris Hanley Photography at Margam Park Orangery