Hello everyone! It’s not often these days I share infographics on the English Wedding Blog but this one made me chuckle so I thought you might like it too! Fancy hiring Kylie, David Guetta or the Black Eyed Peas for your wedding? Here’s how much it’ll set you back. Thanks to the lovely, more affordable wedding band A Few Good Men for putting this together for us! Enjoy.
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I do love a good infographic – those carefully crafted diagrams which tell us all the wedding stats we need from average budgets to the number of marriages and which counties are the most romantic… Admittedly some are rubbish and some are mildly interesting at best – but this little feature on wedding songs had me raising an eyebrow or two so I thought I’d share it with you! I’ll be honest… some of the first dance songs would make me hurl. At the same time, the songs listed as “overplayed” are classics… which is fine, isn’t it?! My own personal choices don’t make the list…

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With thanks to Glen from A Few Good Men for sharing with us today – food for thought, perhaps? Are your songs on the list, or are you tempted to choose a celebrity wedding first dance number? Maybe you were, but now you know Mark Zuckerberg had it, you’ve gone right off the idea of Green Day as your first dance… hehe.


Sussed! After all my whinging about wedding infographics being made up, tenuous or pointless I’ve been sent one which is actually true, well researched and interesting. Hurray! Perhaps the key difference is that we’re talking about marriages today rather than weddings. So often the two are used as if they’re one and the same thing – but in my mind they’re distinct.

Interestingly I live in the least popular English region for marriages. Could it be that the Lake District’s “liquid sunshine” is off-putting so we’re all heading to Cornwall for a sunny beach wedding instead? Hehe! Any ideas why the North West and London seem to have fewer marriages than other areas?

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John on behalf of The Wedding Secret told me, “The main purpose of the infographic is to give people a better understanding of the current state of the wedding market and industry in England, and it’s history. We think this is of genuine interest to anyone who has at least a passing curiosity in trends of human behaviour, and is of particular interest to brides/grooms, wedding suppliers and others in the industry.


Morning everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day. While it’s quiet here (anyone got sunshine today?!) I thought I could share my very honest thoughts on an infographic I was sent recently. Basically I think the wedding industry tries to feed this kind of tat to brides and grooms – long lists of all the things you might possibly need for a wedding… but 90% of them at least are things you can avoid, with a little creative thinking. So rather than reading a list like this and rushing to fill in every box with a budget figure, grab a big fat pen and start crossing things out! There you go – liberating isn’t it! Enjoy. Claire x

All the things I don’t love about wedding budget checklists!

wedding budget checklist 2013

I should also mention I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about any kind of loans company which is why I’m not going to worry about upsetting Aussie Personal Loans with this blog post. But do you really need a bridesmaids’ luncheon? Or a ring pillow? Scratch a few of these off your list and you might not need a loan either… now there’s a nice outcome from this little checklist!