I long to create the floral arrangements I see on Instagram… gorgeous vases with cascading flowers are to die for. They’re wonderful for wedding tables – and even in my little calligraphy studio I could (and will!) find a spot for something amazing like this.

Flowers by Pumpkin and Pye | Image credit Evolve Photography Devon

Floral designer Natasha from Pumpkin and Pye made my year when she got in touch with a series of easy DIY projects using beautiful quality artificial flowers – and I’m thrilled to be sharing her ‘how to’ wedding flower tutorials from now all the way through until May. Today Natasha shows us how to make a fabulous whimsical table centre with a stunning vase centrepiece.

Whimsical table centre 

you will need: floral foam, artificial flowers and foliage, feathers, footed bowl, scissors, floral tape and wire cutters. Natasha recommends Afloral.com who supplied the vases and flowers for this tutorial.

Step 1: cut the floral foam to fit your container


I loved featuring June’s series of wedding craft projects and they seem to have gone down a treat – so here is another one… and something a little more involved for craftier types!

make your own modern calligraphy table plan (9)

As I’m sure you’ll have noticed I’m running modern calligraphy workshops in Manchester (and loving every second!) so I wanted to share some ideas to do with calligraphy. It’s super easy to try your hand at modern calligraphy, and once you’ve mastered the pen you’ll be itching to write on everything you see… so how about making your own wedding table plan?

make your own modern calligraphy table plan (8)

Make your own suspended flower wedding table plan

This modern calligraphy table plan project is quirky, beautiful and only takes a couple of hours to make at home. Its selling point is the gorgeous antique frame; by adding your own hand lettering you’ll give it a personal touch, and the flowers add romance and colour – simply perfect for a rustic, handcrafted wedding!

make your own modern calligraphy table plan (1)


Wedding crafting doesn’t have to be difficult – and you can easily avoid the tricky bits by choosing your crafty projects carefully. For example: table plans can take weeks to finalise; invitations are fiddly and there are usually dozens of them – avoid! The best approach to wedding DIY is to make fun, easy, decorative touches which won’t steal your weekends away! I have another awesome wedding DIY project from the lovely girls at AO Life to share with you today. Enjoy!
claire gould calligrapher signature
Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (8)

Easy wedding crafts: pretty DIY Floral Vase

Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (2)

You will need:

Silk flowers
A small glass bottle
Off white spray paint
Hot glue gun
Old newspaper

Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (1)

How it’s done:

1. Start by pulling the blossoms off the stem.

Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (3)

2. Take the bottle outside or open all your windows, lay out the newspaper and apply a thin layer of spray paint. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes before applying a second coat and then leave to dry again.

Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (4)


Did anyone see in the news today that we should all be having an afternoon nap at work? Anyone find time? I didn’t… but I wish I had! There’s just too much happening here, including news just in of a big saving on DIY wedding flower lessons at The British Flower School.

wedding flowers DIY (1)

The British Flower School is at Mapperton Gardens in Dorset. Courses include DIY wedding flower arranging days and they have sadly had a group cancellation for 17th June which means they unexpectedly have places spare.

wedding flowers DIY (2)

If you would like to sign up and experience a DIY wedding flowers day at half the usual price this is a fabulous opportunity! Read all about the wedding flower course here: http://www.britishflowerschool.co.uk and to book or for more details email  anne@britishflowerschool.co.uk
wedding flowers DIY (3)





Outdoor weddings are a really exciting opportunity for UK brides and grooms in 2014. More and more venues are offering outdoor spaces where you can have your civil ceremony, and rustic styling with influences from nature can be as gorgeous as it is a dream to create!

DIY rustic wedding ideas (4)

But faced with a lawn, a gazebo or an ornate bandstand for your wedding ceremony, how do you begin to decorate your space? Many couples want to personalise their ceremony backdrop and make it theirs, and I think that’s a wonderful idea. Carrying on the theme to wedding tables for the reception will help coordinate your day – and it’s ever so easy to DIY with a little help from the experts!
DIY rustic wedding ideas (2)

I was delighted to be involved in this rustic and natural DIY inspiration shoot with lovely Surrey wedding photographer Karen Flower. Karen told me how much she’d enjoyed styling the shoot, and said “We did all the styling ourselves and used my own linen and bought containers from Ikea” – and isn’t it amazing what you can achieve?!


Hello there! This morning’s wedding blog is a special feature full of ideas, inspired by Becky and Greg’s Farbridge Barn wedding on the blog yesterday. Lovely photographer Sophie Duckworth sent me so many images of the gorgeous details I simply had to give them a little more attention here! I adore a creative bride and groom, and if you love crafting as much as Becky then this is going to be right up your street!

Farbridge barn vintage wedding DIY (8)

Families and friends often play a big part in weddings: gone are the days when Dad’s only role was to walk you down the aisle and make a speech. If your Pop is handy with a hammer he’s more likely to be making your wedding signposts, huge wooden initials full of lightbulbs… you name it! And Mums and Grans are often recruited not only for cakes but to sew miles of bunting while you and your other half print, glue and stick invitations, table plans, orders of service…


Most of the weddings I share on the blog have an element of DIY to them these days: invites, flowers, cakes or reception stationery being top choices for a bit of home made wedding crafting.

But equally, most of my lovely readers will buy some of these things from established wedding suppliers. And that’s fine! It makes perfect sense to balance your time so you’re not spending every weekend in the months before your wedding covered in glitter and glue.

Bright DIY wedding blog

Marrianne and David’s gloriously colourful DIY wedding – image credit Steve Fuller Photography

Sometimes it seems as though wedding blogs focus on DIY a little too much, especially when it comes to invitations and stationery. Home made is fine, and if you know what you’re doing it can look great… but it’s not always as easy as it first seems.


Hello everyone! I hope the weather is treating you kindly… for a moment there I thought February was going to be spring-like – but no. It’s freezing here! My crafting fingers are safely tucked away in fingerless gloves so it’s lucky I have Katie from Artyard Handmade to bring you a bit of genius wedding DIY on the blog today – and I know you’ll love her guest post. Glue and scissors at the ready everyone (or bookmark the page for later!) Enjoy. Claire xxx

wedding place card craft ideas by Artyard

Wedding place card craft ideas by Artyard

Wedding place cards with a handmade touch

Anything handmade takes time. That’s part of the charm. When it comes time to do the place cards for your reception, using plain place cards is an easy way to set the table but if you’re after something special with a handmade touch get your girlfriends together for an evening of crafting. You’ll need scissors, glue and some pretty papers to match your theme or even just pages from old books. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


I don’t like to write too much about me on this wedding blog. But I’m making an exception today… Kirstie Allsopp has written about me, so why shouldn’t I, just for the day?! So this blog post is all about Kirstie and Me. (squeeeal!)

kirstie's book (4)

I’m so excited. Too excited to type. Amazon delivered my copy of Kirstie’s Vintage Home
this morning: her new shiny hardback book which came out this morning. Did you see Kirstie on The One Show last night, by the way? I’m looking forward to seeing her on Graham Norton’s ‘very posh sofa’ soon!

kirstie's book (2)Part of Kirstie’s Vintage Home is the vintage wedding of Amy and Craig, for which Kirstie created, crafted and styled so many fantastic details. The page shown above has a pic of Amy’s place for the wedding reception. Gorgeous, isn’t it? But my favourite bit is the close ups of that lovely napkin…


winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (18)I’ve been waiting so long for a cold snap. I pictured myself blogging all wrapped up and toasty, with glistening icicles outside and this winter berries wedding inspiration shoot on my screen, next to a mug of steaming hot chocolate…

Well there’s no snow outside (yet). I give up!!! But it’s chilly. It’s been frosty… and the sparkles on the pavement in the morning say it’s time to blog this lovely wedding inspiration shoot!

Two posts – all about the shoot today, and an inspiration board to share with you tomorrow. If you’re having a winter wedding, think of sparkly frost and crystals, red berries all shiny and light with a little snow on top… a little bit of white (fake) fur, and plenty of gorgeous sparkle. Hannah Webster (of Lifeline Photography) and friends are here to show you how!

Enjoy x

Wedding Inspiration: winter berries – the details

winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (17)
winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (19)
winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (20)

winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (32)The shoot was photographed by Hannah from Lifeline Photography. “The more weddings I shoot, the more I fall in love with the little hand crafted details that make things feel so personal.

Surrey wedding photography by Martin Beddall

Surrey wedding photography by Martin Beddall

Hang on a minute… where did the week go?! You know sometimes the days just slip by and you feel like you’ve missed one?! Yep – that’s me, right now. But – well it’s nearly Christmas now. So I’ve definitely got that Friday feeling and it’s time to relax and forget about work (yes I know it’s 2 o’clock) until Monday morning.

Time for some wedding treats from around the web…

Real weddings

Manchester monastery wedding photography by Neil Redfern

Manchester monastery wedding photography by Neil Redfern

A Monday Makerie

Inspired by Ribbons via Brides Cafe wedding blog

I’ve seen so many bits of pretty wedding craft online this week I have to write a Monday Makerie for you to enjoy.

The Monday Makerie is all about making things for your wedding – I share my best finds from the internet of things you can make for your wedding, or things other people have made that you can buy!

Cardstock flower tutorial by Christie Bryant

Cardstock flower tutorial by Christie Bryant

Pretty paper flowers tutorial – cute, curvy and easier than you’d think! From Pretty Paper Book

Colourful books from Made With Love stationery blog

Colourful books from Made With Love stationery blog

Colourful books for all your wedding plans via Made With Love blog talk about a pretty filing system – you could have one for guests, one for diy projects, one for venue research, one for things to remember, one as a little diary…

Sweetie bar idea via All Things DIY Bride

Sweetie bar idea via All Things DIY Bride

What could possibly be more fun to make than a sweetie buffet for your wedding reception? Finding jars and decorating them, sourcing pretty sweets (and eating them), making labels, stamping and colouring them… bliss! from All Things DIY Bride