Nobody says you have to be different on your wedding day. The important bit is to be yourselves, to inject your own personalities into your day. And if you’re lovers of music which isn’t mainstream pop, if your everyday style is quirky and cool and amazing… then embrace it on your wedding day just like today’s fabulous couple!

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Rhiannon and Chris’s wedding is out of this world. They’re a great couple and a perfect match. As a bride and groom they look incredible, and Rhiannon in her bespoke, purple, layered, gothic-inspired wedding dress is breathtakingly beautiful.

I won’t spoil this wedding blog with too many words in the introduction. Just – enjoy. The images are by HBA Photography, and Rhiannon and Chris have written a wedding report for you which I’ve popped at the end of the feature. Claire x

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I loved reading Rhiannon’s favourite memory of the wedding day: