Hello! I owe this post to the lovely brides over on the You & Your Wedding forums – always a great source of inspiration for many UK wedding bloggers! I was reading a thread about how much it costs to rent wedding chairs which had me fascinated from beginning to end. The original poster asked “am I mad?” to be spending £200 on chair hire. Most replies were along the lines of “no, that seems reasonable” with one wonderfully insightful response of “in the real world £200 is a lot, but you’re in wedding land now“.


Craig and Katie’s chairs were lovely – see more from their Iscoyd Park wedding on the English Wedding Blog by clicking the image. Photo credit Kristian Leven http://kristianlevenphotography.co.uk

It’s so true, of course – our usual rules and common sense can fly out of the window when it comes to wedding planning. How many of us would spend more than £1,000.00 on a dress for any other occasion? The most expensive dress I own is from French Connection and I bought it for a whopping £75! I’ve never spent more than £200 on chairs*… and I also expect to keep them! But it’s true – weddings are different.