Out of the goodness of my heart (and the generosity of my tummy) I have been busy reviewing cheesecakes on your behalf. Isn’t that lovely! Hehe – the English Cheesecake Company sent me some of their yummy cheesecake cupcakes to taste and tell you about. I’m only too happy to oblige!

English Cheesecake Company mini cupcakes (5)

Loads of couples are experimenting with alternatives to the traditional tiered wedding cake. Smaller cakes and cheesecakes can be part of a creative display which looks fab. They’re also convenient because you can serve guests a piece of cheesecake or a cupcake for their dessert. This makes so much more sense than the tradition of tiered cakes which then have to be taken away and sliced, then either served after the main meal or given to guests to take home.

English Cheesecake Company mini cupcakes (2)

The English Cheesecake Company have rather ingeniously combined cheesecakes and cupcakes – which they describe as a “heavenly piece of luxury you won’t be able to resist”.

It’s true. With a little help from my boyfriend, I had eight (not all at once).