Since early December I’ve been putting the finishing touches to my book: How to Blog your Wedding Business. It’s meant English Wedding Blog has been a little short on wedding supplier advice (most of my ideas went in the book!) – so today the launch of my book means you get a bumper edition of all the wedding business blogging advice you can handle, and then some!

How to Blog your Wedding Business

How to blog your wedding business

How to blog your wedding business - by me!

I’m on my third wedding business blog. I’m utterly convinced that my blogs have been a huge benefit to my wedding calligraphy business. And I love blogging: it’s quick and easy (when you get used to it), Google adores it and readers enjoy it. Safe to say I love blogging so much I consider myself a bit of an expert. I’m no Darren Rowse, but I know blogging in the wedding industry like the back of my hand. Or the front of my laptop, if I may update an outdated phrase!


This is my very first video blog for English Wedding. I wanted to share something new, so instead of my typey fingers, today you get my face talking. The video itself explains what this is all about, and there’s a summary for you underneath. Scuse the face 😉

promote your wedding business with confidence from Claire Gould on Vimeo.

Speaking confidently about your wedding designs, whether you make invitations,jewellery or anything else, isn’t always easy. This video blog explains why it’s important to promote your wedding business with confidence. I also share tips to help you gain the confidence to take that pride in your products and share your enthusiasm with potential customers.

Your wedding business, confidence and self-promotion

It’s very important to promote your wedding business in a confident way, and there are three reasons to do this:

  1. Confidence inspires confidence: speaking with passion and enthusiasm about your designs will inspire your potential customers
  2. Competition: there are so many wedding businesses around, promoting yours with confidence will help you stand out from the crowd

This blog post is inspired by two of my wedding industry friends who are trying to build their businesses: one a photographer and one a wedding stationer. (I won’t name names: that would be embarrassing!) But seeing the topic discussed on the UK Wedding SEO blog made up my mind: I have to write a little about business blogging.

Wedding business blogging: getting it right

Blogging for your wedding business is easy, and quick, and will attract visitors to your site. You just have to do it right.

It’s not like writing a ‘weddings blog’ – you don’t have to write about anything else aside from your business: your new products, your design ideas, colours that inspire you, customer feedback etc.

I have a calligraphy blog which I feel ‘feeds’ my wedding calligraphy business. The blog generates about 30% of my web traffic. It’s hosted on Blogger, one of the two main FREE blogging platforms (the other being WordPress, which I like better now).