marketing wedding business coverHello everyone! As the wedding season kicks in I’d like to just share my guide to marketing a wedding business with all of you lovely suppliers out there. Quick tips, useful hints and genuine advice for all kinds of wedding businesses – and it’s only a few pounds to buy as a print magazine or digital version.

I really recommend this guide to anyone who is looking to promote a wedding business at this crucial time of year.

This can be a scary time for any small business, but with this guide I hope you’ll feel like you have sound advice at hand to help you get ahead with promoting your business and ensuring a successful year!

marketing wedding business


Since early December I’ve been putting the finishing touches to my book: How to Blog your Wedding Business. It’s meant English Wedding Blog has been a little short on wedding supplier advice (most of my ideas went in the book!) – so today the launch of my book means you get a bumper edition of all the wedding business blogging advice you can handle, and then some!

How to Blog your Wedding Business

How to blog your wedding business

How to blog your wedding business - by me!

I’m on my third wedding business blog. I’m utterly convinced that my blogs have been a huge benefit to my wedding calligraphy business. And I love blogging: it’s quick and easy (when you get used to it), Google adores it and readers enjoy it. Safe to say I love blogging so much I consider myself a bit of an expert. I’m no Darren Rowse, but I know blogging in the wedding industry like the back of my hand. Or the front of my laptop, if I may update an outdated phrase!


This is my very first video blog for English Wedding. I wanted to share something new, so instead of my typey fingers, today you get my face talking. The video itself explains what this is all about, and there’s a summary for you underneath. Scuse the face 😉

promote your wedding business with confidence from Claire Gould on Vimeo.

Speaking confidently about your wedding designs, whether you make invitations,jewellery or anything else, isn’t always easy. This video blog explains why it’s important to promote your wedding business with confidence. I also share tips to help you gain the confidence to take that pride in your products and share your enthusiasm with potential customers.

Your wedding business, confidence and self-promotion

It’s very important to promote your wedding business in a confident way, and there are three reasons to do this:

  1. Confidence inspires confidence: speaking with passion and enthusiasm about your designs will inspire your potential customers
  2. Competition: there are so many wedding businesses around, promoting yours with confidence will help you stand out from the crowd

I haven’t written a wedding business advice post for a little while – but over the last few weeks I’ve been helping friends with business advice here and there, and I thought I’d share with you today.

Every time I’m asked for advice about running a wedding business, I think, “I’ve been through that”, and it means I can help. I’m sure very many of us running our own businesses can identify with the same issues and dilemmas, so I’m going to try and use the blog to share my advice with everyone.

Wedding blogs – what’s that all about?

I was asked this question today, by a photographer I know via twitter. It’s funny: I live in a little bubble where blogs are the centre of everything I do, and it’s so easy to forget that the blogging phenomenon is still relatively new to the UK. Of course, this applies to brides and grooms as well as to wedding businesses. So it was a great question to be asked, and really got me thinking.

Marketing Your Wedding Business - The Guide

If you’re a wedding business owner, this is for you.

Wedding Industry blog posts on English Wedding have always met with a great response from the small businesses out there. Advice and quick tips for marketing a wedding business are an integral part of this blog.

As of this week, they’re all available in print: my very own guide to Marketing Your Wedding Business will help you to boost your wedding business’s performance: improve your web presence, perfect your marketing and watch your business grow!

Marketing Your Wedding Business - The Guide

Marketing Your Wedding Business - The Guide

A big part of the English Wedding Blog is my perspective on weddings from inside the industry. My own wedding business, this blog and my Marketing background give me a pretty unique insight into marketing and promoting a wedding business.

Marketing Your Wedding Business: The Guide

This 52 page guide to marketing your wedding business talks you through promotion and business strategies specifically focused on the wedding industry.


Here’s a little idea. While writing yesterday’s post about the state of the wedding industry, spiralling out-of-control wedding budgets and how we can fix what’s gone wrong, I paused for a moment, gazed through my rose-tinted specs and came up with The Ethical Wedding Supplier Pledge.

Ethical wedding supplier pledge

Ethical wedding supplier pledge for brides

Businesses who sign up to this pledge are showing they care. It’s an indicator of trustworthiness to help you choose wedding suppliers who won’t rip you off or let you down.

Ethical wedding supplier pledge for businesses

Signing up to the pledge and adding the badge to your site shows potential customers you’ll do your best for them. It’s a quick and simple way to say: “You can trust us”. And it’s simple – it’ll take you a minute or two, no more.

I’d love to see wedding businesses in the UK sign up to this pledge – will you?

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