So many of you loved reading Carolyn’s tips about finding vintage china for your wedding, so I’m thrilled to be sharing another fantastic article from her again today. Carolyn is the wedding coordinator from The Pavilion at Lane End (Bucks outdoor wedding venue) and has some simple, easy and super practical tips for saving money on your wedding. Enjoy!

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Hello everyone!

If you are reading this blog then you are most likely planning a wedding, which would mean you are probably aware by now just how quickly it all adds up! In my daily duties as a wedding coordinator I am often asked about wedding budgets and whether there are ways to save costs and stay within budget.

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I recently read on moneysupermarket.com that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now £20,000. This is probably one of the biggest investments you will make next to buying your first house, so I would recommend taking your time and consider every decision carefully.

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I see so many of these infographics and articles about weddings. They do my head in! I always take them with a pinch of salt and I honestly can’t see the point of them (other than clever marketing tools by SEO agencies). As a bride and groom do you really want / need to see these things?

I wonder exactly where the figures are from, and what we’re supposed to learn from them. Are they useful? Helpful? Or do they do more harm than good? Are we judging how much other people are spending? Should we?

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Do you believe the figures?

The infographic and original blog post are at http://www.nutmeg.com/nutmegonomics/2013/08/06/the-cost-of-weddings/ and sources quoted are The Telegraph and You & Your Wedding magazine.




A guest blog post for you today – as couples focus on saving money, the wedding industry will be there to help! Wedding budgets have fallen by £6k in 6 years… and guest blogger Tom’s article explains why, and how, and what it means. He had me gripped with this one… and I know you’ll like reading it. Oh! And the presentation is the coolest thing ever to play with… click Play, and Enjoy! Claire x

In 2013, the cost of a wedding is set to fall. Again. Whereas in 2007, the average cost of a wedding was around the £22,000 mark, 2013 will see wedding spend dip down towards the £16,000 mark.

What’s fascinating about this is that the economic downturn has really focused the happy couples’ minds on driving down the overall cost of the wedding, and it’s really focused the wedding industry on providing added value in a turbulent economic period. The trend is not necessarily towards less lavish weddings – the trend is towards getting the best price for every single item on the list.


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Ladies, (gents, hopefully!) we have a moral dilemma on our hands. There’s more to this question than you might think: and the answer isn’t “what you can afford”. It goes a bit deeper.

Let’s get the stock answers out of the way first.

How much should you spend on your wedding?

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Credit: Ali Lovegrove

Stock answer 1. It’s your day, do it your way, spend as much as you can afford.

OK – bit of a cop out answer. You’re about to spend a LOT of money (whichever way you see it, weddings aren’t cheap!) and you can’t sum the whole thing up in a sentence.

Stock answer 2. Average wedding budgets – “here’s what everyone else spends, use it as a guide”. I have problems with this approach. Mainly, where do these average figures come from? I’m not aware of any survey on wedding budgets which has targeted a fair cross section of the population to ask about wedding spending. So the average figures are interesting, but you definitely shouldn’t use them as a guide to what YOU should spend on your wedding. Everyone’s different after all.