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If anyone out there is actually working now…. my heart goes out to you. That’s so unfair! And my blog post for today has the sweetest intentions to create a little distraction for you! Step into the world of weddings for a minute with me. Here’s the best of the world of wedding blogs (and weddings, and blogs!) from the week just gone.

Real weddings

Surrey wedding photography by Martin Beddall

Surrey wedding photography by Martin Beddall

Hang on a minute… where did the week go?! You know sometimes the days just slip by and you feel like you’ve missed one?! Yep – that’s me, right now. But – well it’s nearly Christmas now. So I’ve definitely got that Friday feeling and it’s time to relax and forget about work (yes I know it’s 2 o’clock) until Monday morning.

Time for some wedding treats from around the web…

Real weddings

Manchester monastery wedding photography by Neil Redfern

Manchester monastery wedding photography by Neil Redfern

Ruth and Rick's Just One from Nutfield Priory - Shooting Hip

Beautiful image at www.shootinghip.com (click to see full size)

Another Friday afternoon, another mini-escape from the pressures of the day job for anyone who’s twiddling a pen, gazing into space or watching the clock in the corner. (Do offices still have clocks in the corner? It’s been so long… does everyone just use the clock in the corner of their screen now?) Anyways…

Welcome to the land of weddings, blogs and pretty things.

Real weddings

Be different


It’s nice to have a little shake up in the world of wedding blogging once in a while… and if you haven’t already read “Dear Weding Bloggers, You Suck” on Hindsight Bride, you will find it a great read.

In a nutshell, Christie posted an open letter from a wedding photographer about the state of wedding blogs and our negative influence on brides. Ouch! But there were some very interesting points:

  • only elaborate, unusual weddings are ever on blogs
  • it shouldn’t be all about the details
  • we only publish pretty weddings and pretty brides
  • brides and grooms feel pressured by the images on blogs
  • wedding blogs are starting to look very samey
  • we’re not giving photographers a chance

I posted a long comment on the blog post*, and thought as I was writing it might be worth repeating here**. I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

My views on the state of wedding blogs, as shared on Hindsight Bride

Jesus – ok where do I start with this one?!


Morning everyone, hope you’re all feeling amazing on this soggy, chilly Tuesday morning in September! Me too 😉 and I’m writing a lazy little blog post this morning to celebrate.

I have [counting…] sixteen gorgeous real weddings ready to share with you this month already – they’re really fab and there’s loads of ideas and really stunning themes to share with you, it’s so exciting! – but I’m going to keep you waiting for just one more day before I share the first one.

In the meantime I thought I’d tease you with an eclectic little collection of some of the fabulous weddings I’ll be sharing with you in September. Which is your favourite?

(I’ll be back in action with a proper wedding blog post tomorrow I promise!)

Claire xxx

The perfect English Wedding blog!

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Wedding photography credit: Georgi Mabee


Evening everyone, what a fabulous day it’s been! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I was whisked off to Tatton Park to enjoy a bit of nature – deer, dragonflies and a duck. Oh, and an ice-cream. 🙂

While I was out I realised I’d forgotten to link to my favourite bits of the internet from the past week – and I had some gorgeous blog posts and wedding treats to show you!

So here – a little later than usual but worth the wait!

Weddings on the web – best of the week

A riot of colour with this beautiful real wedding at The Lowry by Chris Hanley Photography

lowry real wedding on Chris Hanley Photography blog

Credit: Chris Hanley Photography


I’m not here today: I’m off somewhere having a Birthday. While I’m gone, I thought you’d enjoy a bit of Cake. Feast your little eyes on these!

Above: elegant gold cake inspires a sophisticated wedding theme

What better wedding topic to touch upon on a Birthday than cake? I’ve been playing on Style Me Pretty and made some wedding inspiration boards inspired by gorgeous wedding cakes.

Above: sunflower yellow wedding cake inspires a summery theme

Above: wedding cake with splashes of red inspires a rich theme

Above: the cake’s the star! Impressive wedding cakes ideas – for anyone who shares my love and admiration for big cakes.

So happy cake day everyone! I’ll see you on the other side (of thirty-something).

Claire xxx

Make your own inspiration boards on Style Me Pretty – look for the Inspiration section and then click on the logo to Build a Board. Hours of fun!



There are two things I’d like to have more of on the English Wedding blog:

  1. real weddings
  2. blog love

The simple solution – a daily post with a link to a real wedding from another blog.

Problem is, as summer approaches I need to pop my wedding calligrapher hat on more often, so I need someone to help with this. Who could it be…?

Casting my eyes around English Wedding HQ I spotted this:

(I bought this musical masterpiece 😉 a few weeks ago for a photoshoot and forgot to take it with me. I have to justify the purchase!)

Luckily it gave me a brilliant idea. Here’s a chap who loves weddings… let’s ask him if he’d help out. Yes? Great.

Billy Idol Loves…

is a new daily feature on English Wedding. Check the blog every day at 4pm. Huge thanks to Billy Idol for helping out. Lovely chap.



Style Me Pretty’s new Inspiration Board tool

I have to take my hat off to the Style Me Pretty team. They’ve created an outstanding wedding website over the years and it’s grown from strength to strength to strength… but today they’ve just taken the biscuit. All the biscuits. (Too many cliches? Sorry!)

Seriously though – I used to make inspiration boards for the English Wedding blog and they took ages. I loved doing them but searching for pictures, downloading them, knocking them all together in photoshop and saving them could take over an hour at a time. So I stopped.

And then – via facebook I’ve just seen Style Me Pretty’s new Inspiration board tool. And I made mine in – count ’em – 55 seconds. Yep.

I think it’s gorgeous. If you disagree, try making your own! (I’ll race you!!!)

Register with Style Me Pretty. Find a blog post or the little icon on their site to create your board. Use the search box to find images that fit – I typed in purple, rustic, nature and then did a couple of searches with their little colour chart. Bingo!


I think we’re there. I think the UK has caught up with the US as far as wedding blogs go. I could name about fifty, and those are just the periphery of what’s out there. We have a thriving wedding blog scene and it’s one to be proud of!

And do you know what? I reckon wedding blogs in the UK live up to our reputation, the whole ‘Cool Britannia’ thing, pretty damn well.

Martha Stewart weddings

Source: Martha Stewart

While the US has Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty, the Broke Ass Bride and Ruffled, we also have our leading lights, and they’re way cooler!

The top UK wedding blogs

Rock n Roll Bride wedding blogRock N Roll Bride

Legendary Rock n Roll Bride epitomises what’s fab about UK attitudes and style: never mind that Kat features plenty of weddings from the US, her personality makes for a blog that really stands out – the cool, alternative one.