Morning everyone! I hope you like the changes I’ve made to my blog header and colours this week – a redesign was long overdue! And while I’m in introspective ‘wedding blogger’ mode it strikes me that wedding bloggers have a big responsibility to all of those we feature – to the brides and grooms whose weddings we share, to photographers and suppliers, and to our readers.

But it’s an incredibly delicate balancing act to get it right for everyone.

Photo credit Karen Flower Photography

Image credit Karen Flower Photography at www.karenflowerphotography.com

Balancing a wedding blog – getting it right for brides and grooms, photographers and readers

I love the real weddings I feature on the blog, and it’s a real privilege for me to be able to share such a personal event as a wedding. For every bride and groom I feature on the blog I try and make sure I show the best bits of their day. I’ll focus on how beautiful the bride looks in her dress, how their love shines out on the photos – and of course try and share as many of the details of the day as I can. After all, couples and their families spend countless hours and days crafting everything from bunting to cakes, stationery and flowers. The least I can do is share all of their hard work with my readers.


It makes me smile to look back on the beginnings of the English Wedding Blog. Most of the top wedding bloggers got started when they were planning their own weddings. Charlotte, Kat and Annabel wrote about their own weddings online and their blogs were born from the experience. But me? I’m not married yet.

In fact, I’ve never really dared to dream about getting married. I don’t know where I’d begin. I wonder sometimes – not because I’ve spent my life wishing for a perfect wedding but because I see so many of yours. 🙂

And I love being a wedding blogger. I love your ideas and creativity as much as I love those private smiles I see on your wedding pictures. I love hearing about your best moments, and reading what you write about wedding suppliers, speeches and everything else.

The English Wedding Blog is my baby. I can’t imagine working in an office any more, as I have so much fun writing the blog for you. But occasionally I wonder what I’m doing here! And I even wonder if one day I’ll be planning a wedding which I can share with you. Who knows… it could happen! Somehow!