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suffolk wedding blog Kerry James Photography

Image credit Kerry James Photography – click to see more!

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Morning everyone! I quite fancied talking about toilets at weddings today. Hope that’s ok!? More specifically, where are your wedding guests going to wee, and is it going to be a special experience? Now I’ve got your attention 🙂 All wedding venues have loos, and you’d naturally expect a stately home to have a lovely bathroom. But what about luxury wedding toilets if you’re having a tipi wedding reception? Either way, adding special surprises and treats for guests on a loo break can be a very memorable and welcome touch!

Bathroom accessories – adding luxury to your special day

article by Mobile Thrones

Everyone wants their outdoor wedding to be memorable and fun for their guests. There are a few simple, yet luxurious, additions that you can easily do to make that happen. Every outdoor wedding needs bathroom facilities for the guests and adding a personal touch to them is an easy way to achieve luxury. One of the best assets you can provide for your guests are pre-made bathroom baskets. Bathroom baskets are an ideal way to make sure your guests – male and female – feel looked after on your big day.


A crop of wedding news articles and blog posts appeared in July discussing “feminist weddings” – and I wondered if I’d gone completely mad. Never mind the content of those articles for now, what is a feminist wedding?

What is feminism anyway? Wikipedia says:

The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

And the new trend for feminist weddings?

Apparently it’s all about non-white wedding dresses, keeping our maiden names and not being given away by our dads. That’s it. Which implies that ivory dresses, no name changes and walking ourselves down the aisle are as revolutionary as burning bras was in the 1960s. Or so WeddingDays.co.uk would have us believe. It’s nice to hear from Time Magazine that a much larger survey on facebook this spring came out with very different conclusions – but the notion of “feminist weddings” does raise some interesting issues…


Hi everyone! How are you today? I’m on my fourth coffee having just discovered the genius trick of mixing hot chocolate powder in with it. Just gorgeous, try it!! …but not as gorgeous as today’s real wedding blog and fab couple Lisa and Kieran. They married at Dorset’s finest wedding venue (imho) Athelhampton House. It’s a 15th century manor with tons of character and the perfect choice for a traditional English wedding with a dash of vintage.

real wedding blog by Ben Pipe Photography (1)

All the photos are by lovely wedding photographer Ben Pipe, with the exception of the three photos of Lisa’s handmade wedding invitation, table plan and alternative guest book. (What should I be calling a guest book which isn’t a guest book?! I’ve no idea!) She told me they were a labour of love and the invitations alone took more than 30 hours… but worth every second 🙂

real wedding blog by Ben Pipe Photography (2)

Congratulations Lisa and Kieran, and thank you so much for being utterly fabulous and sharing your wedding day on the English Wedding Blog. Thanks to Ben Pipe too for the lovely wedding photos. Everyone – enjoy! Claire x


It makes me smile to look back on the beginnings of the English Wedding Blog. Most of the top wedding bloggers got started when they were planning their own weddings. Charlotte, Kat and Annabel wrote about their own weddings online and their blogs were born from the experience. But me? I’m not married yet.

In fact, I’ve never really dared to dream about getting married. I don’t know where I’d begin. I wonder sometimes – not because I’ve spent my life wishing for a perfect wedding but because I see so many of yours. 🙂

And I love being a wedding blogger. I love your ideas and creativity as much as I love those private smiles I see on your wedding pictures. I love hearing about your best moments, and reading what you write about wedding suppliers, speeches and everything else.

The English Wedding Blog is my baby. I can’t imagine working in an office any more, as I have so much fun writing the blog for you. But occasionally I wonder what I’m doing here! And I even wonder if one day I’ll be planning a wedding which I can share with you. Who knows… it could happen! Somehow!


Every now and then I’m lost for words when I try and introduce a wedding on the blog. Today I’m dumbstruck! I’ve just read through Kate and Jamal’s wedding report and scrolled through their gorgeous images – too many to choose from! Already I’m overexcited about showing you their English Asian wedding blog. This is Kate – isn’t she beautiful?

Vibrant English Asian wedding blog Pixies in the Cellar (1)

As with all Asian weddings there’s more exciting colour than the average vintage wedding, so it leaves me grinning happily at the prospect of showing you photos! The venues are sublime and add timeless atmosphere and contemporary chic to the story of Kate and Jamal’s day. Their wedding report is amazing – I love the bit about Jamal’s niece’s infectious belly laughs during the speeches… watch out for it!

Vibrant English Asian wedding blog Pixies in the Cellar (2)

It’s the images which leave a fabulous aftertaste for me though – the elegance of the wedding styling, the vibrance of the colours and the breathtaking venues. I just know you’re going to love this wedding blog. Huge thanks to lovely Peter and Sara from Pixies in the Cellar for submitting their images, and massive hugs and congratulations to beautiful bride Kate and gorgeous groom Jamal for the wedding report. Just brilliant, all of it… enjoy! Claire x


Morning everyone! If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll know that good photography is really important to me – as with most top UK wedding blog editors. I see all kinds of wedding photos including some fairly dodgy ones with everything from red-eye to weird flash effects and uncomfortable crops. So this survey piqued my interest and I had to share it with you. I’d love to know what you think. Is wedding photography as important as your wedding dress? Claire x

A vintage wedding at Hodsock Priory

Photo credit Tierney Photography www.tierneyphotography.co.uk

~Only the best photography is used in this blog feature! All images are from weddings published on the English Wedding Blog~

A recent survey* has found that over 51% of brides stated that the most important element of their wedding day was their dress – showing that how a girl looks on her special day is her number one priority.

However, are brides at risk of looking great on the day but stowing their dodgy wedding album away with the Christmas decorations or under the bed?


I can’t really beat Kayleigh’s quote as an introduction to today’s real wedding blog! The happiest day ever is just what everyone dreams their wedding will be – and honestly, from all the comments I hear from you lovely blog readers, it usually turns out to be pretty damn perfect!

Dodford Manor wedding blog Aaron Collett Photography (1)

Kayleigh and Will were married at Dodford Manor in March. They had an intimate wedding with a relaxed and natural atmosphere. Dodford Manor is a converted barn (in Northamptonshire) which needs little decoration, and is one of those enchanting English wedding venues you can fall in love with from the photographs alone!

Dodford Manor wedding blog Aaron Collett Photography (2)

Kayleigh, Will – thank you ever so much for sharing, and huge congratulations to you both. You’re a gorgeous couple and just look so happy together you had me smiling all the way through your wedding images! Credit for those goes to the lovely Aaron Collett Photography. You’ll love them, so grab a cuppa and dive in! Enjoy. Claire xxx

Dodford Manor wedding blog Aaron Collett Photography (3)


Hi again lovely people! I have a treat in store for you all this morning – a 1950s inspired Cambridgeshire wedding with VW Campervan, wildflowers, cupcakes and 7 tiers of cheese, awesome dance moves and the proudest dad… you’re going to love this!

Vintage Cambridgeshire wedding blog Paul Rogers Photography (1)

Kirsten and Neal were inspired to create a vintage wedding with pale pink and blue details. Kirsten’s ankle length Ian Stuart gown (is there nothing this man can’t do to perfection, I ask you?!) is divine! And Neal looks pretty damn good in his tailor made suit by A Suit That Fits – let’s just say the pair of them are amazing together!

Vintage Cambridgeshire wedding blog Paul Rogers Photography (2)

The wedding was at Madingley Hall, just four miles from the centre of Cambridge and a magnificent venue – Wikipedia tells me it’s a former royal residence and dates back to the 16th century – the photographs are fabulous and will show you so much more of this impressive English wedding venue. Huge thanks go to London wedding photographer Paul Rogers for submitting such a brilliant wedding to share with us all today! I hope you love it as much as I do. Everyone – enjoy. Claire x


It tickles me that today’s fab couple Sam and Hannah used Midsomer Murders as inspiration for their wedding in Norfolk. I love that little step further from vintage they’ve taken to create a beautifully styled and very English wedding. It really fires my imagination as well… how many TV-themed weddings can you imagine? Poirot? Blue Peter? I think it’s a great idea!

Norfolk wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (1)

Lenwade House was the setting for what turned out to be a wonderful wedding day with lovely styling and some beautiful moments. Both bride and groom look gorgeous and I know you’ll adore today’s real wedding on the blog. Thanks to Lifeline Photography – the very amazing Hannah Webster – for sharing images with us all today. (You absolutely have to check out lifelinephotography.co.uk where you’ll see Hannah change into a peacock!)

There are tons of ideas in today’s real wedding for you to take home and use as inspiration for your own wedding. Looking for a John Cleese impersonator? (Of course you were!) You’ll find him in the list of recommended wedding suppliers Hannah and Sam have included in their wedding report at the end of the blog! Enjoy. Claire xxx


Gareth and Jenny’s lovely wedding reads like a who’s who of some of my favourite UK wedding suppliers and designers! Today’s gorgeous couple chose Cardlab for their invitations, Jenny wore a Sassi Holford wedding dress, photography was by Martin Price. Wedding blog favourite Emma Lappin did their flowers, and the ceremony was at Botley’s Mansion in Surrey.

Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (2)

Congratulations to a fantastic couple – have a wonderful married life! Thank you Gareth and Jenny for sharing your wedding story with us today. Thanks also to lovely Martin Price for permission to share the lovely images of this Botley’s Mansion wedding. Everyone – enjoy! Claire x

Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (1)

Jenny and Gareth – a beautiful Botley’s Mansion wedding

Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (3)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (4)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (5)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (6)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (7)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (8)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (9)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (10)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (11)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (12)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (13)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (14)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (15)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (16)
Martin Price Photography Botleys Mansion wedding (17)

Wedding venue

Botleys Mansion in Chertsey, Surrey www.botleys-mansion.co.uk

Wedding photographer

Berkshire and Surrey wedding photographer Martin Price www.martinpricephotography.co.uk

Wedding stationery

Invitations and save the dates were from Cardlab Modern Letterpress Stationery. All stationery on the day – table plan, place names, table names and menus were all hand made by myself.


Ellie and Rich’s wedding photographs take my breath away. Their wedding story brings tears to my eyes. This amazing couple created a magical wedding day but sadly not in time for Ellie’s mum, who passed away just three weeks before. Ellie told me how everyone involved with the wedding – family, friends and suppliers – did everything in their power to make this a special day for everyone. In what must have been an incredibly sad time, the wedding at Sedgebrook Hall brought families together and lifted everyone’s spirits as they celebrated with Ellie and Rich.

wedding Sedgebrook Hall by Vickerstaff Photography (1)

There are some very touching images here – emotions captured in happiness and some moments of reflection. Jamie from Vickerstaff Photography is a wedding photographer I really admire. So I’ll leave you to scroll through the images and enjoy Ellie and Rich’s wedding day. Watch out for some really lovely photos from the dancefloor, oh and the tiger!