awardsReaction to the Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards last week was mixed, and really got me thinking. While I don’t want to criticise the organisers and I accept the results reflected popular opinion, I felt more than a little deflated after seeing the winners’ list on Friday evening. Why? It took me a few days to think about that one.

I’m a creative type. I wear rose-tinted specs. They go with my image.

I like to think the wedding industry is a creative place – and from where I’m sitting, it is! Lots of little businesses, talented craftsmen and women, devoted to the magic they make in their studios, boutiques and workshops. But what came out of the Wedding Ideas Magazine awards last week – with the exception of a few creative winners – was that people still can’t see us. Or more aptly, the majority of brides- and grooms-to-be still can’t see us. Because the guys with the money for marketing: Moss Bross, John Lewis and Confetti – are the brands most brides still know best.