You know when something is so beautiful it takes your breath away? When you’re captivated by an image which stays in your mind for days, weeks even? I’ve been sharing sneak peeks of today’s ethereal bridal inspiration shoot across all of my social media for weeks… and the haunting aesthetic steals my heart every time I catch a glimpse of the images.

All photos are by Susan Arnold Photography

Every inspiration shoot is based around a theme. Ours was a bride yearning for her love to return to her: a love so strong her belief could never fade, never wane. This timeless aesthetic fits beautiful with the location of the shoot: the crumbling walls of Scadbury’s moated manor.

There’s a haunting beauty to this place. It evokes a certain atmosphere of solitude and timelessness. Our bride waits for her lover to return, cradling his words in a wistful, romantic and endlessly inspiring setting. Emily Bronte would have fallen hard for this enchanting manor…


I’ve totally changed my opinion about balloons… they fit today’s fairground wedding style shoot so perfectly I could just spend the day skipping about with a huge pink balloon! We’re talking delicious nostalgia, fairground rides and vintage cars for a gorgeous couple at Marleybrook House – and you’ll love it.

Matilda Rose Photography at Marleybrook House in Kent UK (18)

Images are by lovely Matilda Rose Photography, based in Kent. Marleybrook House is a quirky little gem… former home to Eartha Kitt, with Victorian swingboats and a gypsy caravan which provide plenty of opportunities for playful wedding photography and curious wedding guests!

I adore the shoot: there’s so much to see it’s almost as good as exploring Marleybrook House… but if you’re anywhere near Kent you should probably discover this little gem yourself! www.marleybrookhouse.co.uk

Matilda Rose Photography at Marleybrook House in Kent UK (7)

Matilda told me, “This was a fun relaxed photoshoot at the quirky Kent wedding venue Marleybrook House. We wanted to showcase the vintage fairground rides and wonderful old showman’s caravan along with the classic car and VW van.

Matilda Rose Photography at Marleybrook House in Kent UK (10)