I’ve jumped at the chance to make the most of every occasion this year – birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries have been extra special. I guess it’s all the romance I’m surrounded by, every single day of my wedding bloggy life! I ordered our V-Day meal from Restokit last night (excited!) and I’ve got my man a few little treats so we can celebrate in style!

Valentine’s Day can be as extravagant or thrifty as you like… many a year I’ve made little ‘vouchers’ (eg ‘I’ll cook up a storm’, ‘movie night’ and ‘one-time-only ironing offer’) – and this time one of my gifts is his fave butterscotch Angel Delight. Yeah I know… But I’ve splashed out on a few little bits, and of course Etsy is my go-to for romantic and creative gift ideas.

This brilliant guest article is from our friends at Durham Rose

Ahhh, the Valentine’s Day proposal. It has romance written all over it. The problem is that it’s so flipping romantic that it can easily turn into a corn-fest. It’s hard to make the occasion yours. It’s even harder to avoid repeating cliché after cliché, until this magical and pivotal occasion becomes a pastiche of itself. So, what do you do? Sink those feet into an ice bucket and hold your horses for a less romantic day? No! Of course not! You just need to take a few precautions to get things right.