Happy Thursday afternoon everyone! Just a quick note from me as I’m doing officey stuff today… there are a few sponsor spaces available from the first of June and I’m looking for new wedding blog sponsors – if you have a wedding business and would like to join my lovely group of sponsors please get in touch! info@English-Wedding.com

I’ve had the loveliest email from one of my wedding photographer sponsors this week: “Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the intro page, I’ve had SO many hits from EWB already and three enquiries that I know for certain are from your lovely blog.” I won’t name names but I owe that lovely person a BIG hug!

Sponsors of the English Wedding Blog

surrey wedding photography

Image credit: Sophie Duckworth wedding photography in Surrey

My whole purpose for being here is to connect brides and grooms with great suppliers; to fix you up with brilliant people and lovely things for your wedding day, and when I get an email like this it means I’ve done it.

Place Hotel photography by Vickerstaff Photography

Photo credit Vickerstaff Photography. Click to see more from the Place Hotel Wedding Ideas Shoot

I opened the blog post on Rock n Roll Bride last week thinking, “What’s a Frienemy?” – and that pretty much sets out how naive some of you reading might think I am. A frienemy, it turns out, is a bit like a work acquaintance: someone you have to get along with even though you wouldn’t be friends if it wasn’t for work.

Like having a professional relationship with someone? No. Like pretending to be friends, when really you can’t stand each other.

Frienemies: a wedding industry issue?

It almost makes sense if you work in an office where everyone goes out for drinks together or to regular office parties. But in the wedding industry? Why is having frienemies a big issue for us?


Wendy Bell invitations at the Luxury Wedding Show (13)
Only three weeks ago I was wistfully telling my friend and sponsor Wendy Bell how I’d love to go to The Luxury Wedding Show – if only all the events weren’t so far away from my little base in Cheshire (I know, pitiful isn’t it…)

The Luxury Wedding Show seems to have cornered a niche in the UK wedding market – and not only that, there’s a wonderfully voyeuristic appeal too. From gorgeous designer wedding invitations to flowers and cakes, decor and more – it’s great to see the best in the UK wedding industry. Even if you’re not splashing out on a luxury wedding, wouldn’t it be fun to go and look around anyway, see what the more extravagant brides are buying? I know I’d love to see these shows from a wedding supplier’s point of view as well.

The Luxury Wedding Show: Show and Tell!

So Wendy very kindly said she’d do a little show and tell after the Luxury Wedding Show in London on the 25th of March. I have photos, commentary… it’s all here! Wendy gives a great insight into what the Luxury Wedding Shows are all about – I hope you find it as fascinating as I did!