For the glittery-fingered gals and guys amongst you, the event of the year is nearly here! Wedding shows are fine for sourcing suppliers but when it comes to wedding DIY and craft inspiration we all need something a little bit more… hands on. Join me and hundreds of other more talented people at this year’s Handmade Fair! Here’s lovely Kirstie to tell you more (oh! and spot the calligraphy workshops and a little bit of me!)

This year there will be a whole area for wedding DIY! I’ll be in the wedding tent at the UK’s best craft event, teaching 300 or so of you the basics of modern calligraphy. Plus there are so many wonderful shops to explore and discover – you’ll need a full day to get the most from the Handmade Fair this year.

The Handmade Fair 2015


Facebook tells me I’m 80% northern… and so the trip down to Hampton Court Palace for Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair is always a BIG adventure. This year I’ll be in the wedding tent at the UK’s best craft event, teaching 300 or so of you the basics of modern calligraphy. It’s going to be amazing – I can’t wait! (I’m a little bit scared too… but in a good way!)

The Handmade Fair 2015

Last year The Handmade Fair was very new. The craft workshops were fabulous and the little shopping areas were such a treat – but the one thing they missed was wedding crafts. This year – we got ourselves a whole area for wedding DIY! Woohoo!!

The Handmade Fair is open for 3 days in September, from Friday the 18th until Sunday the 20th. I’ll be there every day, mainly shopping and then teaching calligraphy before lunch, then sipping Prosecco or craft gin and consequently doing some slightly more random shopping each afternoon!


When was the last time you launched yourself with both feet into the scariest experience of your life? Are you glad you did?

As I write this post I’m about to launch myself into the stupidest, scariest adventure I’ve had for a very long time. I’m excited and terrified, but I know my business needs this – and so do I.

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I’ve never taught big calligraphy workshops before. I’ve given presentations in marketing* but even these were to groups of no more than 30 people – not the 80+ class sizes I’ll be hosting in a day or two at The Handmade Fair.

*if you count uni presentations, these were extra scary for being in French / Italian… which scared me silly!

For me, it’s like strolling into the lion’s den. I know once I’m there I’ll love it – but talk about the unknown…

For my business, this is something I absolutely need to do. Everyone teaches, shares and mentors these days: photographers, bloggers, stationers – we’re all at it.


Goodbye everyone! I’m off on my travels today, heading for the bright lights of London and to Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair at Hampton Court, where I’ll be giving calligraphy skills workshops over the weekend. Excited much?! I’m nervous, excited and finding it all a little surreal! I’d love for you to come along – it’s a great opportunity to learn how to use a calligraphy pen to create quirky scripts to write your own wedding invitations – and there’s so much more to see and do over the weekend.


This is every DIY bride’s dream – there will be craft stalls and shops including some of Britain’s top crafters. You can get all of your ribbon, fabrics, paper goodies and more for your wedding day. Learn jewellery techniques, cake decorating and flower arranging… and while you’re there visit the artisan food markets, see lovely Kirstie chatting to stars of the crafting world and be a part of the world pomination record attempt!kraft-wedding-calligraphy-boxes


Morning lovelies! Are you feeling the pressure to get your craft on in the run up to your wedding? I have the perfect thing for you – Kirstie Allsopp’s three-day craft fair, the biggest in the UK by a mile, with tutorials and ideas from dozens of wonderfully talented people.

paper poms uk

Learn how to make paper poms and garlands with the fabulous PaperPoms!

The Handmade Fair is perfect for creative brides and grooms whether you’re looking for inspiration, help or supplies. You can learn how to make perfect tissue paper garlands, paper poms, streamers and more….

paper pom wedding

Image credit http://howlingbasset.com/ from Claudia and Peter’s wedding

There are cake decorating lessons, or you could attend a demonstration of flower arranging with sought-after wedding florist Kitten Grayson.

I’ll even bring some calligraphy pens for you to play with, and we can practice writing names in my calligraphy skills workshop every day at 2pm. After the workshops I’ll be around to answer any wedding craft questions you might have, or share calligraphy tips for your place names and invitations!


Morning! I would love all of you creative brides and grooms to join me for a rather surreal and magical adventure in September when I’ll be hosting three skills workshops at Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair.

I’ve been keeping this quiet while plans have been made over the last few months, but tickets are selling like hotcakes and my face is even on the website so the whole thing now feels as official as it does surreal… almost!


I love how weddings have turned into crafty, handmade and creative occasions and it’s amazing to see how couples are rediscovering crafts as part of their wedding journey. The Handmade Fair has so many inspiring exhibitors and workshops so you can learn all sorts of wedding crafts, from paper poms to wedding favours and calligraphy – not to mention the shopping!

My top picks for creative brides at The Handmade Fair