There’s an art to buying and selling wedding business stories

Sometimes I wish I was Hans Christian Andersen. I’d love to be able to tell a compelling story – and for my story to sell my wedding business. Back in 2005 when I started my wedding calligraphy business, stories meant nothing. Websites had to be professional: “we sell calligraphy” or “we pride ourselves on customer service”…


Then Etsy happened. Lucy Ledger made an impression with her wedding business story. Annabel and Kat won our hearts and the blogosphere went crazy. Opinions and reviews overtook straplines and marketing. The internet went mad for people – and personalities began to shape the web. Brides and grooms were buying into the stories and sellers they loved – and businesses blossomed because of them.

Playing on a mountain… just a quick drive from my house!

Your wedding business needs a story – and its story is YOU!

Etsy sellers need a fascinating ‘about me’ story. The best shops have faces (people-faces!) and personalities. Buyers – whether they’re brides and grooms, mums and dads or crafters – want to know who they’re buying from.