First Post


Hello English-Wedding, I’m so excited to be writing here for the first time!

I can’t wait to share everything “wedding” with you all and hear what you think about plans, inspiration, ideas and how-to’s leading up to our day on the 30th July 2011. This is just a brief opening post as my fiance, David, and I are in the midst of boxes, brown tape and mess as we’re moving house this week, but I will be posting properly tonight and sharing a bit of initial inspiration and what we envisage our wedding to be and what we feel it’s all about.

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped rally-round to get others to help (even my grandma was posting “Vote for Sally’s” through anyone’s letterbox), it means to world for me to be given the opportunity to do this and I’m excited in anticipation to really get started! And to the lovely people at English-Wedding: thanks for having me!!

Sally xx


The English Wedding blog is looking for brides and grooms to share their wedding story. If you’re getting married in 2011 I would LOVE to hear from you…

Be a Star Bride on English Wedding

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I’m looking for two brides, with their grooms, to share their wedding planning stories on the blog. You’ll be an inspiration to other brides and no matter what your budget, wedding day style or approach to planning, I really want to hear your story.

If you’re picked to be a Star Bride on English Wedding you will get your own password so you can log in and write posts to share here whenever you like. We’ll keep in touch and I’ll follow your progress right through until your wedding day – as will the thousands of brides who read the blog!

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