A guest article by Emily Andrew Weddings

I hate to say it but more often than not bridesmaids can be one of the largest causes of stress my clients face when planning their big day! Number one of the issues is clothing! These are my top pieces of advice I give my clients to help them navigate this minefield.

  1. Budget:

First up is budget. If you are really tight on budget then it can be an option to ask your best ladies to provide their own outfits. If you select this option then always approach this topic sensitively with your friends as when they were asked to be a bridesmaid they were probably expecting to be provided with a lovely dress.

Choosing which photoshoots to feature on the blog sometimes comes down to something as simple as a smile. Lovely Emily sent me a handful of pics from this shoot, and instantly I knew it would be amazing for the blog – because I was smiling happily back at my screen. And also, flowers. Oh, those flowers!!! It’s perfect… and if you need inspiration for any little bridesmaids, their smiles will prove this is such a fun and unique way of styling princesses of all ages on your wedding day!

Vibrant and unique bridesmaid ideas, images by Fuller Photography Weddings (9)