In May I spent the loveliest birthday week down in Cornwall with my man. We walked the coastline, dined at Outlaws, explored magical villages and breathtaking landscapes… and I fell in love with Cornwall. But oh, it is such a long way from my part of the world!!

Photo credits: Sanshine Photography

I would be thrilled to feature more Cornish weddings on the blog, so do get in touch if you’re marrying in those parts! In the meantime, I have news which you’ll love if you’re tying the knot in Cornwall.Claire

Boho brides, whimsical couples and lovers of the outdoors will know and love outdoor events company PapaKåta, who’ve featured many times on the English Wedding Blog. We love their tipis and gorgeous Sperry Tents. Rachael from PapaKåta has just been in touch to tell me all about Sperry Tents South West – a new venture making the luxury tents more widely available across the UK.


I’m sure most of you will have an idea how you’ll wear your hair a long time before the big day comes around: from the first dress fitting you’ll picture how your locks will look… or at least imagine yourself as the gorgeous boho bride with loose locks, or the elegant vintage girl with fabulous curls and lippy to match… right?

San Shawe Sanshine wedding photography

Images in today’s feature were first published on the English Wedding Blog in Sanshine Photography‘s brilliant article for wedding suppliers: 5 basic rules of editorial shoot etiquette

A full supplier list is shown at the end of the feature.

San Shawe Sanshine wedding photography
So I expect you’ll also have chatted to your hairstylist in plenty of time before the big day. (Could any girl not talk about the wedding in a routine hair appointment?! I know I’ve spent hours talking to my hairdresser about her sister’s wedding!) Maybe you’ve already booked your pre-wedding hair appointments and trials, or maybe you need some advice before you do… so here’s some expert help!


Usually it’s me who ruffles occasional wedding industry feathers – but it’s been a while and today’s feature is a reminder to me that I should never lose that particular edge! Let’s not forget that our industry, while it’s an amazing place to work, has a few faults here and there. I’ve been lucky to be involved in some incredible styled shoots this year, and I’ve been blessed with the fabulous suppliers I’ve met.

Tips for taking part in a styled bridal shoot by Sansine Photography (14)

So has lovely San from Sanshine Photography – and she’s on my list of people I’d love to work with one day! In the meantime though, this needs saying…

Wedding suppliers take note! 5 basic rules of editorial shoot etiquette

By San Shawe

The other week I had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people from the wedding industry at Genuine Cakes in Watford. The meet up was designed for us to network over a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake and exchange news and ideas, however towards the end of the session our pleasant chat turned into a passionate discussion on the topic of styled shoots. It has quickly become apparent that quite a few wedding industry professionals won’t even consider participating in styled shoots anymore because they got so badly burned before…