Hands up who really knows what reportage wedding photography means? It’s a phrase I hear all the time as a wedding blogger, but I see photographers using the term in different ways and it all gets confusing. This morning I couldn’t have explained what was meant by reportage, photojournalistic or documentary wedding photography. Can you?

Give it five minutes and you will 🙂

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Image credit Lightworks Photography, Cambridge

Most importantly of all, can you see the difference between an ‘action snapshot’ and good reportage photography?

Read this and you will 🙂

What exactly is reportage wedding photography?

My friend and sponsor of the English Wedding Blog, Andrew from Lightworks Photography Cambridge, has written a lovely article all about reportage photography. He explains clearly and engagingly what you should be looking for, and the mistakes a less experienced photographer will make.

It’s an article guaranteed to make you smile too. I’m half tempted to phone Andrew up just to hear his Franglais… imagining Joey from Friends – remember that? Definitely worth a read on Andrew’s blog. Enjoy!