I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about wedding gift lists – so when a creative, thoughtful and brilliantly affordable idea comes along, I get excited.

Foodies especially will love this idea, but it’s equally perfect for those of you who aren’t blessed in the kitchen department (and we’re not talking toasters!) – basically all of your friends and family contribute their favourite recipe, and they’re all bound up into a lovely quality book for you to keep forever.

recipe gift books for weddings (2)http://recipegiftbook.com

I wish I could have one of these… I’ve kept a few of my Grandma’s recipes but they’re floating around on sheets of paper I lose all the time… also, I have some friends who I imagine are secret foodies, genius bakers and health junkies, all of whom I’d love to have a recipe from! Other friends, I suspect, would sneak in a joke recipe or two – which would crack me up. A perfect, genius, all-round idea.