Morning everyone, hope you’re all feeling amazing on this soggy, chilly Tuesday morning in September! Me too 😉 and I’m writing a lazy little blog post this morning to celebrate.

I have [counting…] sixteen gorgeous real weddings ready to share with you this month already – they’re really fab and there’s loads of ideas and really stunning themes to share with you, it’s so exciting! – but I’m going to keep you waiting for just one more day before I share the first one.

In the meantime I thought I’d tease you with an eclectic little collection of some of the fabulous weddings I’ll be sharing with you in September. Which is your favourite?

(I’ll be back in action with a proper wedding blog post tomorrow I promise!)

Claire xxx

The perfect English Wedding blog!

real weddings uk blog photography (1)

Wedding photography credit: Georgi Mabee

Wedding teaser


It’s a busy week for little old English Wedding… and as I promote the blog, chat to friends and guest bloggers, invite new sponsors and polish off some new sections for the website there’s just time to share a little preview of a wonderfully creative wedding I’ll be sharing here tomorrow morning.

I do love to tease with a sneaky preview from time to time! This wedding has a little of everything…

UK Bride in embroidered wedding dress

Enticing photography, a beautiful bride, a stunning lace wedding dress

Bride and groom with sunflowers

A bride and groom with a great sense of fun! But who's hiding behind the sunflower bouquet?

little wedding guest

A wedding guest waits for the exciting bit - as a photographer with an eye for mischief captures a really sweet shot!

For now we’ll have to wait along with this little guy for some gorgeous moments to come tomorrow.

And the day after.

It’ll be worth the wait – it always is with Chris Hanley Photography, creator of these intriguing images!

Yellow table and pink wedding bouquet

Yellow table and pink wedding bouquet. Credit: Jonny Draper

I’m doing it again… a preview of tomorrow’s real wedding to tantalise your wedding appetites. This time I’m also playing with you, quite unapologetically.

Why? Well let’s see… this wedding has a random llama, a reverse confetti attack, loads of romantic photos and blasts of exciting colour plus a glitterball.

And until tomorrow folks, that’s all you get. ‘Cos I’m mean (and reeeeaallly busy!)

Claire x