By Benjamin Toms

The most important part of your wedding day will be – I imagine – when you both say ‘I do’. But when I asked Ben Toms (my Kent wedding photographer friend) about his most important time of a wedding day, his response was super interesting – I think you’ll find this very, very useful…

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There are usually two hours or so between the end of a wedding ceremony and the start of the meal where the most important wedding photographs all happen. These are the moments you’ll cherish forever: some you’ll have seen, some you’ll be in! – and some you’ll have missed on the day and will treasure for years to come.

I always advise my couples to allow two hours between the ceremony and the meal, and it’s amazing how fast that time goes. Let’s look at it one bit at a time.

After your ceremony is the best time to take group photos. I recommend allowing half an hour for group shots, and if at all possible it’s brilliant to take these just after your ceremony (find out why).