This is a little sneak peek into my other life: when I’m not typing I have an old-fashioned pen in my hand… an ink pot, blots on my face, like in the 19th century. I’m not a monk: I’m a calligrapher. I write wedding place names, address envelopes, calligraphy wedding readings and vows as keepsakes and wedding day gifts, and design bespoke wedding stationery for intimate weddings.

Wedding calligraphy in pale grey handwritten by Claire Gould photo by Susan Arnold (14)

One of my favourite styles for calligraphy suites and wedding stationery this year is pale grey, graceful lettering with a hint of days gone by. I love to write in the style of an old love letter: casual, flowing scripts with elegance and old English charm.

This is a look you can easily incorporate into your wedding – and calligraphy is the perfect finishing touch. I designed and lettered an invitation suite on the palest grey stationery: a beautiful dove grey with ink a shade or two lighter to give the perfect contrast and create a soft look.

Wedding calligraphy in pale grey handwritten by Claire Gould photo by Susan Arnold (10)


Hello there! It’s ideas time – and a little explanation about the options for seating your wedding guests on the blog today. Will you choose place cards, escort cards or a seating plan – or should you have all three! The answer is no – and today’s guest blogger Jessica is here to explain all. Enjoy! Claire xxx

There are so many choices out there for how to seat guests on your wedding day. Some brides are lost as to what escort cards are, or at least a little confused about the difference between them and place cards. Aren’t they both there to help your guests find their seats? Yes! But they are, in fact, two completely different things. Simply put, escort cards guide your guests to their designated table, while place cards help guests find their assigned seat or should we say “place”?!! But then there are seating charts too…

wedding place setting ideas blog (3)

Wedding escort cards ideas – Photo credits: (From the top, left to right) Kolen Photography | design copyright Tantawan Bloom, Inc., 2012, Arnold Brower Photography | Kate Headley Photography