Happy Friday-eve-afternoon, everyone! We begin our weekend celebrations early here at English Wedding Blog HQ you know! – me and the cats, that is… before we clock off for the afternoon though, I wanted to ask this little question: is your wedding jewellery vegan?

Swarovski pearl bridal bracelet

Bubble bracelet with Swarovski pearls by Bridal Designs Wedding Jewellery


I know. You probably haven’t considered whether any goats were hurt in the making of your flower crown*, but vegan-friendly wedding jewellery is a valid concern for many brides.

*unlikely, don’t worry

Tracey from Bridal Designs has written about this after a bride got in touch to ask where her pearls were sourced from. Tracey uses Swarovski pearls, which are respected quality faux pearls used by many jewellery and dress designers.

Real pearls can have issues, as intensive farming of oysters sounds a little dangerous for the poor little creatures… read a brief explanation over at Bridal Designs and while you’re there why not buy one of those lovely bubble bracelets too?