America has its vineyards – the most amazing wedding receptions in the US seem to take place at vineyard locations, don’t they? – but they’ll never, ever rival the charm and quintessentially English atmosphere of a Kent apple orchard. Edward and Saori chose the loveliest venue for their Japanese & English fusion wedding… and every detail, every image is just perfect.

Real wedding in an orchard in Kent: images by Parkershots Photography on the English Wedding Blog (46)

Images are by Kent wedding photographer Nick at Parkershots. Do take a few minutes to discover Parkershots for yourself…

Real wedding in an orchard in Kent: images by Parkershots Photography on the English Wedding Blog (25)


Have you ever been to a wedding where everything was homemade… only not so well? I hear from so many brides who’ve felt pressure to get their craft on but didn’t enjoy the process or love the results. I hate to say it, but I feel there’s too much focus on essential wedding DIY these days, and it’s kind of spoiling the fun for those of us who really do love getting all gluey and covered in moss and glitter spray!

Craft because you’re crafty. Craft because you love it!

Winters Barns Kent wedding blog Parkershots Photography (19)

All this articles images are by the fabulous Parkershots Photography, and are taken from Rod and Kirsty’s handmade wedding on the English Wedding Blog


Some wedding photographers are brilliant. Some bowl me over with their gorgeous images, their empathy, their signature styles. And (shhh) I have favourites. Sounds a little unfair, unprofessional even, doesn’t it?

Winters Barns Kent wedding blog Parkershots Photography (12)

Bear with me. 😉

Why do wedding photographers submit to blogs?

An easy question. For free promotion of their work to a huge readership. Top reason.

Also – for their brides and grooms. If you’d like to have your wedding featured on a blog, mention it to your photographer! They’re lovely people, and if you’ve found your photographer on a wedding blog it’s more than likely they’ll be happy to submit your wedding!


Every wedding is different: the details make a day different and so do the memories… and every bride and groom have something amazing to offer a wedding blogger like me. Today’s stunning bride Kirsty surprised me with this: “At the end of the night when everybody had left we sat on the head table with a bottle of bubbles for an hour just chatting about the day. We could still feel the buzz from the room from the day which was really quite incredible, it was a really special moment for us.

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