Good morning! How was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was really lovely – romantic and special. I hope you all had a wonderful day to remember, and for those of you celebrating your last Valentine’s Day before you become Mr & Mrs, I hope you had the best day ever! We’re celebrating on the blog with a February wedding at Blenheim Palace. This is romantic, and timeless, and has some gorgeous details you’ll love as well as some fascinating traditions to discover.

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Rahele and Michalis used their cultural backgrounds to inspire their wedding day. I love the Persian tradition of dipping pinky fingers into honey to share! – watch out for the photo and read Rahele’s explanation in her wedding report about half way down this blog feature.

The images are all from Weddings by Nicola & Glen – Oxfordshire based wedding photographers who’ve recently had a wedding featured on Style Me Pretty! I think they’re fabulous and I’m sure you’ll agree! They’ve very kindly taken the time to write an introduction to today’s wedding blog for us. Enjoy! Claire xxx
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I honestly don’t know where to begin with today’s real wedding – the title doesn’t do it justice! Emily is our beautiful bride and her wedding story is full of little moments of delight. From the nun who catches the bouquet, to ‘Heston’ style catering, via a backwards proposal to Rob written on Emily’s own bottom… I absolutely love this to bits!

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All images are by Lime Leaf Wedding Photography in Devon. Wedding photographer Laura says, “the more people we spoke to on the day the more it became clear that EVERYONE loved these two, and if there is one phrase I heard quite a lot on the day it was “that’s just so Emily”. Emily is extremely creative and was determined to put her own stamp on the day.”

She most certainly did! This is fabulous from beginning to end, words and pictures… ace! There are funny moments, beautiful ones and touching, heartwarming ones too. Shall I hand straight over to the bride to share her story with you? She tells it so well…


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Be ready to catch yourself smiling – gazing at your screen with a bit of a romantic grin on your face. Whether you’re in the office pretending to work, or maybe at home in your pyjamas all wrapped up for Christmas… I’m going to stop you in your tracks with this beautiful wedding story. Down with your pens, sellotape, gin and sparklers ladies -because this wedding’s a gem.

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Gail and Mark’s Tythe Barn wedding was submitted by wedding photographer Martin Beddall. Gail wrote a short wedding report to go along with the pictures, and I’m going to leave the wedding photographs to tell their own story. Because they do – all on their own.

Martin is a documentary wedding photographer in Sussex and a friend and sponsor of English Wedding blog. His focus is on capturing moments during your wedding day; his talent is in recording your wedding day in the most beautiful way. There’s rather an unusual ‘part two’ to this blog feature coming up tomorrow.