Joanna and Cajetan’s wedding is a wonderfully sophisticated, elegant celebration with lush winter colours and a real sense of fun. The day focused on giving guests the time of their lives – food and entertainment were key and the images of their day capture every moment so beautifully. Joanna is so beautiful in a bespoke designer dress and I love that this gorgeous couple planned their day together as a team.

Gorgeous blues and a spectacular venue for Joanna and Cajetan's Westminster wedding, Image by Slawa Walczak (3)

“Typically the girls get most of the credit for planning a wedding!? If you have a husband-to-be who is willing to pitch in – use him to your advantage! Cj was absolutely fantastic, we had a shared vision about the day and he did so much of the planning. It was so much easier to plan that way, as the load was shared and we went through the stress and then the satisfaction together! It was great teamwork and by the end he found suppliers and booked them, which is half the battle! We felt like we pulled off a spectacular day! With the added addition of cultural differences and family members flying from all over the world, we had to cater to both sides. We did it!