Maybe it’s blogs, I don’t know… but I’ve seen more statement bouquets over the last six months than ever before. Gone are the tidy teardrops and perfect circles, now English brides are choosing gloriously messy, cascading, multicoloured and rustic armfuls of flowers… and it’s one of my favourite wedding trends.

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Statement bouquet by Katie Laura Flowers | Tiree Dawson Photography

I wanted to show you a handful of examples, some favourite bouquets and ideas to set your Pinterest boards on fire! I asked florists and photographers on Facebook to share their very best – an excuse to share lots and lots of insanely pretty flowers on the English Wedding Blog. And the suggestions came flooding in…

Statement bouquets: big, bold and beautiful

Make a statement with the size and style of your bouquet! For flower lovers, this is all the excuse you’ll ever need to hold the most amazing flowers you can imagine! I adore Katie Laura Flowers‘ style and approach to floral design: creative and carefree, with the loveliest colour combinations and lots and lots of fabulous foliage.