Every now and then I see a wedding which sort of freaks me out. It’s usually on a US blog, highly styled and coordinated with every detail imaginable. The freaky bit? Seven girls with matching hair, shoes, flowers and dresses. I prefer something more interesting…

mismatched bridesmaids

Image credit Love In Focus Photography http://love-in-focus.co.uk/ on the English Wedding Blog

Matching bridesmaids freak me out

Perhaps it’s a control thing. Perhaps it’s because matching dresses sort of look like wedding uniforms. Perhaps I just love colour and creativity and the fact that everyone is designed to be different.

Traditional bridesmaid dress retailers – think Dessy and House of Fraser – realise that girls come in all shapes and sizes and sell dresses in the same fabric and colour but different styles. That’s not so bad – at least it gives girls a little more freedom to choose.


Image credit Belinda McCarthy Photography on the English Wedding Blog