I always thought I’d never get married. It just wasn’t something I’d ever really thought about as a girl, and then as I grew up it became a bit of an alien concept: something other people do. Not for me.

Now – maybe I’m more mature than I was – I’ve changed my mind. I might get married one day, if that’s what life has in store for me… but I don’t think I’ll ever have a wedding.

You’re already forgiven for wondering how anyone can get married without a wedding. As far as the wedding media goes, the two go hand in hand. When you get married you wear a big white dress and invite everyone you know to celebrate with you… and you decorate the occasion.

Why, though?

I’m a creative thinker. I live my life differently to the majority of people: I am self-employed, I’m in a creative industry, I like spending as much time as I can on the tops of mountains.