Wendy Bell invitations at the Luxury Wedding Show (13)
Only three weeks ago I was wistfully telling my friend and sponsor Wendy Bell how I’d love to go to The Luxury Wedding Show – if only all the events weren’t so far away from my little base in Cheshire (I know, pitiful isn’t it…)

The Luxury Wedding Show seems to have cornered a niche in the UK wedding market – and not only that, there’s a wonderfully voyeuristic appeal too. From gorgeous designer wedding invitations to flowers and cakes, decor and more – it’s great to see the best in the UK wedding industry. Even if you’re not splashing out on a luxury wedding, wouldn’t it be fun to go and look around anyway, see what the more extravagant brides are buying? I know I’d love to see these shows from a wedding supplier’s point of view as well.

The Luxury Wedding Show: Show and Tell!

So Wendy very kindly said she’d do a little show and tell after the Luxury Wedding Show in London on the 25th of March. I have photos, commentary… it’s all here! Wendy gives a great insight into what the Luxury Wedding Shows are all about – I hope you find it as fascinating as I did!


wedding film by Marry Me FilmsMorning everyone. Pens down for a sec please: I’m very happy to say it’s movie time!… and I’m going to make you cry. There’s a split second glance in this little wedding film that tells me Jane and Steve both knew they’d be in tears – and they are. It’s beautiful to watch though, and I love seeing a groom covered in happy tears! The film is by the ever-so-lovely Marry Me Films

The Wedding Film of Jane & Steve at Iscoyd Park from Marry Me Films on Vimeo.

Wedding highlights to watch out for:

  • Jane looks gorgeous in a beautiful, figure-hugging strapless dress.
  • Steve’s nerves build from the very beginning – but when he sees his bride, your heart will melt! And from then on, the smiles don’t stop.
  • The lovely ivory and pink rose venue decorations for ceremony which is in a gorgeous white room with high windows
  • They really go the whole nine yards, including white horses and carriage

I love the weddings that make me stop. My fingers, poised to type, pause in mid air for a few moments. This wedding blog feature stands out from the crowd: Jenny and Tim had the most sophisticated, luxurious day – perfect for English Wedding blog.

uk wedding blog real wedding arj photo (1)

I love weddings with personality. Whoever you are, whatever you love and wherever your inspiration and style comes from, the most important thing is to create the wedding day that reflects you. Jenny and Tim’s wedding day does just that. It’s pure, perfect, classic glamour.

uk wedding blog real wedding arj photo (2)

With wedding photography by Adam Johnson (www.arj-photo.co.uk) this is a beautiful day and one I’m delighted to be sharing on the blog today.

uk wedding blog real wedding arj photo (3)After getting ready nearby, Jenny and her girls came to Arley Hall wedding venue in Cheshire, and we join them here in the dressing room just before the wedding begins. Jenny’s Pandora bracelet was a wedding present from Tim. Isn’t it beautiful?


It’s great to hear from wedding photographers across the UK, whether they’ve years of experience or are just starting out. Zenna from Zen Photographic got in touch a couple of weeks ago to share this lovely Cheshire wedding with me and I loved it – the strong colour theme, fun images and gorgeous bride and groom clinched the deal and I’m very pleased to be sharing a really special wedding on the blog today. I hope you enjoy it!

English wedding at Arley Hall Cheshire blogged (3)

Brad and Jo met in Ibiza and after a whirlwind romance Brad proposed on the very same spot where they fell in love – how romantic is that? Two years down the line and they celebrated their marriage at Arley Hall in Cheshire. With beautiful photography by Zen Photographic and Jo’s own words to tell their wedding story, I’m going to enjoy putting this blog feature together as much as I hope you’ll love reading it. Please share a comment at the end if you have a sec!

Flamingoes in London at a wedding!

Flamingos in London at a wedding!

Today’s English wedding is so full of amazing things I didn’t know where to start. Hence the title: yes, there are flamingos in London. Being a northerner, that’s not really surprising, but it’s definitely lovely and exotic and pretty glamorous… which leads nicely on to…

…Colin and Lee’s rooftop wedding in Kensington. Where there are flamingos. And the photographs of the wedding and reception sent to me by wedding photographer Kirsten Mavric are lavish and gorgeous and exciting. Sit back and enjoy them!

Setting the scene for a visually spectacular wedding celebration

Setting the scene for a visually spectacular wedding celebration

A palatial setting, unbelievably situated high above London

A palatial setting, unbelievably situated high above London

A nervous looking groom in a fantastic shirt

A nervous looking groom in a fantastic shirt

Colin and Lee both wore grey suits, matching shirts with a really beautiful purple floral design, and pink rose buttonholes.

The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony - Colin and Lee both wearing their hearts on their sleeves I think

Gay wedding ceremony in Kensington

Gay wedding ceremony in Kensington. An emotional moment, beautifully photographed