How DIY are you, really? If you’ve felt the pressure to make your own wedding… [fill in the blank with pretty much anything here] – and your fingers aren’t buzzing with craftitude – then I’m here to show you there are plenty of other options out there.

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Yay! wedding invitation by Style & Joy

Contrary to popular belief, making your own wedding invitations won’t necessarily save you money. If you’re photoshopping, printing at home, buying card, trimming, sticking bits on, tying with ribbon etc. you will be spending more than you think and fizzling time away as if you were never that bothered about having a social life in the first place 😉

So stop and reconsider. There are options. Affordable wedding invitations can be fab – oh, and we’re not talking cheap eBay invites here either. Here’s a collection of beautifully designed, nicely printed, good quality wedding invitations which won’t break the bank or indeed you, your nails or your plans for the weekend. Enjoy!