Morning everyone! How are you today? Does anyone have sunshine?! (Seriously – I have a car now, I’d consider a road trip anywhere for a little bit of sunny today hee!) I’m even wearing my gloves to type the wedding blog today – it’s that cold. But it’s lovely to have such gorgeous features to share with you that I forget the chill in my fingertips and find myself captivated by weddings instead… like today’s beautiful wedding in Cambridge.

Anstey Hall wedding

Image credit: Lightworks Photography Cambridge


Hi everyone! Oops – I’m sorry to distract you from your work (not really – go on, take a little break with me hehe) but I wanted to share this thought-provoking black and white wedding photography article with you.

wedding photographer Cambridge

Black and white wedding photography

Black and white photography has come full circle, from being the only option* to going right out of fashion when colour took over, to being fashionable again. Have you thought about black and white images in your wedding album? You should!

*Andrew Hind, you are not THAT old!


Hands up who really knows what reportage wedding photography means? It’s a phrase I hear all the time as a wedding blogger, but I see photographers using the term in different ways and it all gets confusing. This morning I couldn’t have explained what was meant by reportage, photojournalistic or documentary wedding photography. Can you?

Give it five minutes and you will 🙂

wedding photography cambridge

Image credit Lightworks Photography, Cambridge

Most importantly of all, can you see the difference between an ‘action snapshot’ and good reportage photography?

Read this and you will 🙂

What exactly is reportage wedding photography?


Hello! I have a very quick wedding post to share with you this afternoon – my friend and sponsor Andrew from Lightworks Photography in Cambridge shared this beautiful wedding on his blog and I just had to show you! Laura is the most beautiful bride – this is my favourite image but there are many more you should see right here: Laura and Joe’s Essex wedding

Essex wedding blog by Lightworks Photography

Laura and Joe’s Essex wedding blog Photo credit Lightworks Photography www.photographyatlightworks.co.uk

The happy couple didn’t let rain spoil their wedding day, which was in a marquee at Laura’s parents. Instead they celebrated in style and there are smiles everywhere you look at this wedding… it’s beautiful. Read more…


The shortest of introductions today because Andrew from Lightworks Photography writes beautifully – better than I do. Unmissable reading… an eye-opener indeed! Enjoy. Claire x

On arriving at church to photograph a wedding recently:

Vicar: “You must be the photographer, I can tell because you look like you don’t know what you’re doing”

Me: (having picked jaw up from floor and mentally counted to ten) “Hello, nice to meet you. I can assure you I know exactly what I’m doing, I’ve been photographing weddings professionally for over ten years. What are you worried about?”